Blossoming & blooming

Abby_preg3 We spent a few precious hours together today, a pocket of sister time where we talked about birth plans, ate pastrami sandwiches, bought a canvas bag (for nappies!) and generally waddled around Bath enjoying the sunshine. When Abby picked me up this morning we discovered we were wearing matching outfits – the only differences were that i had my jeans tucked into my Uggs, and my sister had a gigantic basketball hidden under her blouse… not long to go now!

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  1. doorways traveler

    oh so lovely she is. and what a lucky babe to have a beloved auntie sus. xx

  2. Mari

    she is glowing, gorgeous.
    and anyone can see at a glance that you two are sisters. and close.
    lovely, lovely.

  3. Shanon

    Adorable. A-dor-a-ble. =)

  4. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    Oh that last shot is my favourite.
    Such a wonderful, soul filling time for you, my dear.
    Hooray for sisters!
    p.s. I want more Polaroids of cobblestones and old English buildings like these beauties.

  5. danielle

    love: “a pocket of sister time”
    (from one who always wanted a sister, but found brothers to be *almost* as good.)
    happy, happy anticipation. . .

  6. Lili

    your sister looks lovely and I can see the resemblance from all the different angles you’ve photographed her. I can’t even imagine how exciting and nerve racking all this counting down is. I wish your family the best with this amazing journey. :)

  7. Nicole | blue bicicletta

    oh, your sister is definitely one of those glowing pregnant women–you can see how much the baby will be loved just from these photos!

  8. Traci

    These photographs are so very precious. Now that they’re both done making babies, I wish I had more photos of my sisters when they were pregnant.

  9. Carol

    Beautiful!! She is blooming :-)

  10. Stephanella

    These are all beautiful pics but the expression on your sister’s face in the first one is something else. The love… the tenderness… the expectation… it made me feel teary, but in a good way.

  11. Stacy


  12. bella

    Wow… she is absolutely glowing. That first shot is so precious. xo

  13. Josephine

    Dang, they’re beautiful photos. Sending vibes through the universe that all goes well for the impending birth!

  14. stacy

    what a beautiful, beaming, radiant mama. xoxo

  15. darlene

    so much beauty!!

  16. Lisa

    These photos all made me smile! What a LOVELY time in life…she looks amazing. Beautiful-birth-blessings coming her way!

  17. megmanionsilliker

    she’s stunning. can’t wait to see this beautiful baby and of course the two beautiful sisters with that beautiful baby!

  18. Renee Howell

    Wonderful to see your resemblance AND that you dressed the same – ah serendipity. I am always amazed at the ending days of pregnancy – how much the belly grows. Seems impossible. Improbable. And there is a baby in there. enjoy – I know you do!

  19. Grace

    Fun Fun Fun x0

  20. Ren

    I love that first shot- I wish I could see your jeans tucked into the uggs.

  21. Catherine

    Congratulations to her!

  22. charlane

    love the glowing smile and the words about a sister. a sister and a friend – one of the most perfect of combinatons.

  23. Jo

    Sweet Abby :) Not long now!

  24. kaylovesvintage

    she looks so pretty

  25. margie

    a little niece or nephew. how delicious.

  26. Christine

    wow – she looks fantastic. what an exciting time for both of you.

  27. green ink

    She looks wonderful!
    I too am making the most of sister time at the moment, with my youngest sister visiting…it may be a year or so until I see her again. Thank you for reminding me to take more pictures of her while she’s here! x

  28. Marthe

    She looks so happy!!!
    Good luck to both of you!

  29. Rae

    She is radiant! The wee one will be so loved…

  30. Sandra

    Abby is beautifully Radiant!
    Cheers to sisters!! Lucky tribe that you are,Cheers!

  31. Amisha


  32. barbara

    your sister is beautiful! and so is Bath.. sigh..

  33. Amy

    Congratulations ahead of time, Auntie Susannah! That’s one lucky sister and niece or nephew!!!

  34. jessica {magnolia queen}

    What a GORGEOUS mama!!
    I know she will cherish these amazingly beautiful polaroids!! Lovely, lovely job ?

  35. Ivy

    How exciting. I loved being pregnant. She looks absolutely radiant. Hope you guys enjoyed your sister time together. :)

  36. Cinnibonbon

    I stumbled across your blog today while riding the train home from work. It was late and my husband was sleeping lightly beside me. I had read a few posts of your poems and others on grief and I’m getting all teary eyed- instantly startling my hubs and probably a few passengers. Anyway I admire you already!! This is just a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing your life’s journey and spirit with us. I’m thrilled to have found you. I’m surely to keep coming back.
    best wishes

  37. and flowers pick themselves

    beautiful! sounds like a wonderful day.
    xo Alison

  38. Bea

    These shots shine with sisterly love and tenderness — breathtaking and beautiful. That little fellow is going to be loved like mad, and my goodness, he is a lucky little chap to have such remarkable women in his family. This made me happy teary!
    (one for each of you)

  39. Bea

    I meant:
    x x x
    (one for each of you!)
    and here’s a second lot just for the hell of it:
    x x x

  40. maggie may

    so very adorable!

  41. Roxanne

    Best wishes. The adventure has only barely begun.
    Abby looks radiant …


    The top picture is absolutely beautiful :)
    I popped over to let you know about a little competition I’m having on my blog right now.

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