Focus, where art thou?

Side_table I'm finding it incredibly difficult to keep my focus at the moment. I can only think about three things: the impending birth, the anniversary and the not-so-secret project I'm working on. There's no room in my head for anything else. Having said that, thoughts of my return to London keep elbowing their way to the front, as i fantasise about the sort of flat i hope to find and the places i want to visit with my Polaroid in hand. But, honestly, it's like waiting for the Christmas to end all Christmases when you're nine-years-old. And drinking coffee non-stop ;)

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  1. Catherine

    This all sounds like good and busy projects ! Life at its fullest … And the picture looks great with the purple and yellow contrast. Focus or not focus, the colors are bright and beautiful ;o)

  2. vanessa joie

    I’m so excited for your move. I find myself embracing change more and more lately. I nannied in London for a few years (on two different occasions) and it’s been my dream to move back there. I was so content and everything just seemed to “fit” there. It’s so difficult as an American to get permanent residency though. I’m sure I’ll find a way though if it’s meant to be.
    I’m rambling. I hope you can find peace at such a turbulent time. xo

  3. Ren

    the lack of focus is a universal ‘thing’ after March 10th we will all be better able to organize ourselves- I am waiting for things to settle down for us after then.

  4. charlane

    that’s a lot to think about. be sure to take care of you in the process

  5. natalea

    focusing is definitely difficult at times, I agree!
    I wanted to stop by and say how excited I am for Unravelling next week! I was also wondering if you could give me any insight into the type of journal you suggest for it. I do a lot of art journaling and make my own journals. They usually contain 140lb watercolor paper being as I paint and collage, etc. For this journal, do you suggest using different paper. I ask now because I finished making my covers and want to cut the paper for the inside.
    Looking very forward to it! I’ve heard great things and was happy to make it in on registration day!
    Have a great day, xo natalea

  6. Susannah

    Hi Natalea! Ill send you an email :) x

  7. Van Kapeghian

    you know some people would love some unfocusery. like me.

  8. danielle

    I don’t know about you, but I keep finding my focus in a box of Cheerios. Little bugger.

  9. the blue muse(kelly)

    focus…it is so difficult to maintain. deep breath. again. make lists, lots of them. pick a time to do one thing and nothing else. fifteen minutes. or one hour. then do nothing but think about that one thing. and then another deep breath. and the next thing…

  10. heidi

    that actually sounds very focused–you’re just focusing on three specific things.

  11. Kerstin

    It sounds to me like you are pretty focused, on those three events! :) And each is a pretty big one in its own right, especially emotionally. What part of London are you looking to live in? Kxo

  12. Marthe

    I’m out of focus too… blurry.

  13. janine

    I know exactly what you mean about keeping focus – the big picture sometimes gets a bit lost among the details. The things you are so focused on right now are such big things that I think it’s a miracle you even have time to upload photos and blog! But I’m glad you do :)

  14. Fiona

    Love the purple mug. I’ve been dithering about buying one of those Penguin mugs. You’ve inspired me to treat myself :)

  15. barbara

    Yes, i could do with more focus too….
    hope Ren is right about the 10th of march!!!

  16. green ink

    Things are a bit blurry for me right now too. Hope you can get through the hard stuff and take time to enjoy the good, exciting stuff :)

  17. andrea d

    i love this collection of “things.” they’re the perfect mixture of pretty and eclectic and old and colorfully new. i love the buddha! i have a similar one:

  18. Elisabelle

    I love this cup!

  19. Kitty Douglas

    I <3 the Buddha on your desk! Sometimes having things go out of focus for a bit is a great way to find what you really want to focus in on! This month has been a roller coaster so far, and it doesn't show signs of stopping anytime soon! The whole process of moving is crazy! We start moving into our new place tomorrow!
    Good luck! I hope that you find your Zen soon!

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