Just a simple Sunday

Bath_street Not much doing. No baby yet. I'm sinking into my writing… and remembering how much I love this song:

What you doing today?

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  1. Sarah

    Hi hon!!! No baby yet…will come in time..so hard to wait though:) Am about to start working on a new piece of artwork..whoo hoo..love that. Lovely spring day here! Hope all is well with you hon! Hugs, Sarah

  2. furiousball

    I am taking care of my girlfriend all day. She had an epileptic seizure this morning. She’s ok, but we’re both tired of her not being able to get treatment (uninsured americans)

  3. beth

    changing the sheets and doing laundry and daydreaming while eating m & m’s and listening to pink…..
    a perfect day :)

  4. Brigitte

    I long for a simple Sunday right now. My stepdad is coming to help my husband figure out how rats are getting into our walls. :(
    On the upside, my mom is coming with him to help me pick out new floors.

  5. Annika Christine

    Went for a swim…first after almost 6 years. Sleeping, reading and drinking tea. New snow today – about 20 cm. Asking myself today: Where did the spring go?

  6. Angie

    Blissful Sunday here. Woke early, cleaned the house, got the washing out in the spring sunshine, cleans sheets on the bed, then spent the afternoon photographing a children’s party. Happy days x

  7. Laura

    I’ve been playing with 3 of my little cousins and 2 dogs. Playing musical statues, tig and eating fruit from small plastic picnic bowls.
    Why is it that I’ve had such fun and never do them myself?

  8. Ingrid

    what a beautiful song. i do love tracy chapman!

  9. leonie.wise

    heh. i just wrote about my sunday too!
    sunday for one: http://blog.verdandi.co.nz/index.php/2010/03/21/sunday-for-one

  10. charlane

    i’m enjoying being at home, quiet and doing things around the home. washing clothes to get ready for the week, cooking, prepping lunches, you know – puttering.

  11. Andrea B

    A quiet Sunday today here too – watching a re-telecast of the Olympic Women’s Figure skating competition and will do a little housework in a little while and maybe play with my new stamps and inks. Enjoy your day :)

  12. Still Lily

    went to cirque de soleil (kazoo) with wee ones and hubby yesterday and spent good part of today talking about our favorite parts…so many…great show to see if you want to feel out of shape and a tad overweight!;)
    today; lovely family sunday, art on the dining table, uno game, books, bought shoes for wee ones and then home for bbq veggies & salad supper followed by encouragement feast…today was a good day.
    btw: thank you so happily for reminding me how much i love love tracy chapman, must now dig out all my CD’s…thank you lovely.

  13. cassie

    I went fishing! It was a little chilly out.. but I out-fished all the boys!

  14. Roxanne

    Immersed in photography, and trying to get going on preparing to move to across the pond.
    Babies have a way arriving when they’re good and ready, don’t they?

  15. Nathalie

    Just saw this – I so feel your pain, when my sis was due her baby I literally jolted every time the phone rang. I’ll never forget that call – she couldn’t stop laughing, the whole waters breaking thing really cracked her up!
    I spent yesterday wandering around an unusually sunny Dublin with two lovely girlfriends; we walked across the city to nab some lovely cupcakes then wandered back to mine for some tea and a rom com. Lovely :)

  16. ellie

    on sunday i was hugely enjoying sun and the promise of warmer days.

  17. and flowers pick themselves

    aw, tracy chapman. a staple of my childhood. what a voice!
    xo Alison

  18. christine

    just checking in to see if your nephew had arrived – all in good time. today i signed up for a persian dance class because i’m feeling the need to move!
    Happy Monday….

  19. Stephaine @ Geezees

    Love this pic…great song, i love Tracey Chapman!

  20. maggie may

    tracy chapman is amazing

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