Oh, happy day!

Well, I've been waiting for this day for some time now: the magic-makers at the Impossible Project announced today that we will be able to BUY NEW INTEGRAL FILM on Thursday. THIS Thursday. In other words, they have done it! But it's not that Polaroid has been 'saved' – rather, a new film has been made that will work in our beloved Polaroid cameras. New film, new images, a new era for analogue photography. I'm thrilled beyond belief and can't wait to try the film!

First we get black & white PX 100 and PX 600 film, which will work in SX-70 and 600 cameras respectively. Then later this year they'll be launching a new colour film… be still my heart!

For more info, and to see the rest of the promo clip above, head over to the site. Plus a comprehensive article on the launch from the BJP here.
Impossible_dudes Two of our heroes: Florian Kaps & Andre Bosman © The Impossible Project

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  1. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    I seriously want to have a big ole Polaroid party!
    Where the hell is Jen?!
    Can you imagine what we will be able to do with this again? Not having to worry about not finding film?
    And that video, I just want to give Doc a big kiss.
    Let’s do a happy dance together, Susannah.

  2. ?anna

    yay yay yay!!!! this thursday?!!! i am so happy about this i don’t know what else to say. yay!! :)

  3. ?anna

    yay yay yay!!!! this thursday?!!! i am so happy about this i don’t know what else to say. yay!! :)

  4. ?anna

    yay yay yay!!!! this thursday?!!! i am so happy about this i don’t know what else to say. yay!! :)

  5. lorette

    …i stumbled upon your wonderful page….daybooks and journals…photos…memories…and you giving us lovely insight to how alot of us secretly feel! …conversations…they are what connect us….thankyou for this little treasure of sharing!!!

  6. Brooke

    Pardon me, but AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  7. sara

    I’m so happy for you, and for me because maybe there will soon be a possibility that I can afford to experiment with polaroids as well. your photos are gorgeous.

  8. charlane

    :) yay

  9. hazel

    yay! this makes me so happy!!

  10. Catherine Just

    I’m hoping they come out with 4×5 polaroid too! Or what ever the heck they want to call it.
    be still my beating heart!

  11. Bria Morrison

    I’m so very excited! The first thing I am going to do when I get off the plane in London is find an internet cafe and order my very first pack. I only wish there was some way to buy some without having to have it shipped home….I would love to use it while in Europe!

  12. flowing moments

    oh, I was waiting for the 22nd march … fantastic news, I shall be able to use my SX70 at last :):) I am joining you in your happiness !

  13. Alena

    Just simply take beautiful picture!!!!

  14. mau

    for a moment there i thought you were going to announce the birth of your nephew/niece! great news anyway :-)

  15. Iva

    Yay!! We should totally make a Polaroid party, lol :)

  16. Aerussell.wordpress.com

    Did someone say Polaroid Party? Hell yes! An all out Polaroid CELEBRATION!
    So much happiness in the world right now.

  17. cassie

    Yahooo! So thrilled it is not even funny!

  18. Lu

    Finally…film for my cameras. How exciting.

  19. kelly nolan

    Dang! Saw the title and thought you were an Aunt. Now what are you going to title your post when he gets here: Oh Happier Day?

  20. susanna

    You are going to have so much polaroid fun & love in your future! That’s great news!

  21. beverley shiller

    Hello – have never written but do read you daily….thought you might like this:

  22. Kath

    I have a line out on a polaroid camera, I’ll know by Sunday if I get it or not …. where the heck is the one I had 30 years ago???
    Thank you for pointing me in this direction … ecrushing even more ;-)

  23. jo marks

    isn’t it just great! i have two polaroid cameras now (thanks to your inspiring photos) and have LOVED using them so much :)not having to worry about film will be even better :)

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