The (unwitting) twins

Twins3 No news yet, but every time the phone rings my nephew's auntie has a near heart attack…

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  1. megmanionsilliker

    oooo i’ve been wondering if that little man has made his entrance into this big world yet. wishing your sister an easy and glorious delivery!! congrats to you too aunti!1 xo

  2. kerin rose

    Just so you two don’t feel completely dorky, my sis and I do this all the time!…and its just about always an accident!…though, even as grownups we have a lot of the same clothing…a lot of “that’s cute!…where did you get it? and I want one too!”…some things never change :)

  3. Susannah

    Kerin, we do exactly the same – like what the other is wearing and then go buy one (we try to get different colours :)

  4. Emma

    peas in a pod! but take it easy, most first babies are about a week late x Emma x

  5. furiousball

    two hot ladies :)

  6. Debi

    Love these pictures – that first one says so much. Hang in there!!! Your life is about to change forever & ever. What fun!

  7. Brooke

    That first one really takes the cake! Best wishes to your sis and to you, nephew auntie!

  8. Rae

    Super cute! The sweaters look so cozy. My sister and I unknowingly do this as well. And, if we decide to buy the same thing we try to choose different colors too.

  9. Bea

    This is adorable, times two.
    Big love to you and your beautiful sister, and wishing her all the best for a smooth delivery. Can’t wait to “meet” your nephew!

  10. michelle

    Becoming an auntie is amazing. I just became one for the 2nd time today! It was thrilling! Hoping your nephew makes his grand arrival soon.

  11. Amanda {Mocking Bird}

    haha at the matching outfits.
    there’s a big enough age gap between my sis and i that this rarely happens.
    gorgeous, gorgeous.
    your pics and outings with Abby always make me miss my Kelly.

  12. and flowers pick themselves

    your bag is to die for. lovely photos!
    xo Alison

  13. Amanda

    how exciting for all of you. Best wishes to your sis… love the matching outfits. I really do love the short sleeved cardigans (from where??)

  14. Ivy

    So adorable! Hope she has a safe and quick delivery.

  15. kelly nolan

    Yikes – For a minute there I thought she *had* twins!! Great tummy and shoes shot!

  16. margie

    oh the waiting.

  17. Ren

    So glad you posted photos of the two of you- Beautiful.

  18. charlane

    my sister and i do that sometimes, so much that we now call when buying stuff so we don’t match all the time.

  19. Susannah

    Amanda – believe it or not the cardigans are from Sainsbury’s!

  20. Susan Hayward

    You are both lovely. I’m sure baby will be cute too. (They always are!)

  21. Lula

    your sister is looking so happy! lovely pics of both of you. Sending best wishes to your sister.
    Love your matching outfits!

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