No words Wednesday


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  1. Katherine

    I’m RIGHT there with you sista! Why, why, why?!?!
    Yes please on the bench date…make mine chocolate w/ white icing (x2 or 4) & I’ll bring the coffee & personal premenstrosity!!!

  2. Susannah

    awesome! ill bring a small flask of rum for the coffee ;)
    premenstrally yours

  3. and flowers pick themselves

    your words made me laugh out loud. love this photo.
    xo Alison

  4. Mel

    hear ya. I am actually considering making my own croissants. with chocolate inside.

  5. Susannah

    oh Mel, pls teach me how to do that!

  6. Alexis

    That’s what I need today–good company, a lovely bench, and cupcakes!
    Instead what I have is PMS, a cranky child with a cold, and a monstrous to-do list. :(

  7. Erika

    I read your blog often, this is my first time commenting – thank you for this today, I feel the SAME way! Stop the world I want to get off. Sending you a virtual mug of something warm and yummy. And what a beautiful picture.

  8. Tor

    You know how when you spend a lot of time with other women (i.e my flatmate and I) your periods start to sync. Do you think there could be virtual syncing too?!
    That bench looks too appealing. I’ll bring the flask of tea for the tea lovers amongst us.

  9. Susannah

    Tor – yes i do think we can sync with each other over the internet, absolutely!
    Erika – come join us, love!
    Alexis – you win, hon, that sounds like hell ((you))
    Ladies, today this post is our Red Tent…. cupcakes, tea, coffee, croissants, wine, rum, and a talking stick so we each get a chance for a good ole moan :-D

  10. green ink

    I hear you. All I want is cake today. I think when I get home I’m going to make a Victoria Sponge with Bonne Maman raspberry jam and vanilla marscapone instead of cream. :)

  11. kate

    When you move to London Susannah I will make sure my best friend bakes you some yummy cupcakes for days like this. This weekend I am being forced to taste-test coffee and baileys cupcakes and lemon curd ones. Oh yep, she will be twisting my arm, ha ha.
    Hope you feel better soon, the grey day isn’t helping really is it? x

  12. Melissa

    Oh I wish I lived closer…since I am PMS’ing BIG TIME! I’d love a cupcake…with a some alcohol. xo

  13. Brigitte

    I’ll bring the wine.

  14. lucy

    Looks fantastic! Sounds delightful!
    Sadly, I seem to have mislaid my period and am missing it more than I thought
    Cake all round, in any case!

  15. Alanna

    Love the scroll comment. I agree! My scroll is flowing out my office door.

  16. Angie Muldowney

    My comfort food of choice at this ‘special time’ is mashed potatoes. I’ll make enough for all of us – bring forks!

  17. Rachel B.

    I completely agree with the syncing. It’s creepy and amazing and wonderful. It looks like a lot of us will be bringing food/chocolate/alcohol to this bench party. Count me in, I’m bringing the Irish creme.

  18. Mel

    I can teach you how to make croissants… but the amount of butter that goes into them may be a shock – maybe ignorance is bliss in this case:)

  19. rowena

    I’m going to sing all day today. And perhaps I’ll draw a face on my hand and turn it into a puppet. trying to get over my own crankies by utilizing whimsy

  20. Amy

    Me too!!! Cyber-cycles! How funny is that…Susannah,I posted a photo of the dreamiest Lemon Cupcakes from my fave local haunt on my FB wall…and a fail-proof bread recipe for, these kind of days :) Feel better, darlin’~
    P.S. I can’t wait till Unravelling II!!!

  21. Christine

    Oh yes, that spot looks fabulous. I think PMS could explain the fact that I bought two boxes of cookies on my lunch break. Two boxes. Because misery demands variety. They aren’t even that good! I would happily join you for a cupcake, and coffee that has been awesomized with rum.

  22. Holly

    Oh, I’ll definitely come. Cupcakes are the perfect PMS remedy. Can I have pink icing on mine? I’ll bring the sunshine and ginger tea.

  23. Victoria

    You bring the cupcakes and I’ll bring some cakepops.
    Its Victoria here from the HM writing course. Just wanted to say I love your blog. Your photography is inspiring. Wonderful stuff.
    V. xx

  24. barbara

    i´ll be there, i´ll find something to bring…..
    what a sweet feast we are going to have….

  25. CrowNology

    …Thought I was going to kill someone today. For talking with food in his mouth. Then realized…Not really wishing this beloved person be-headed just full of nasty hormones…Deep breath. Sip coffee. Bite caramel-chocolate-pretzel-heavenly-creation-stick-thingy.Close eyes…This too shall pass, though if I stay out of prison it’ll be a miracle! ;)
    (right here with you…)

  26. Susan

    Oh how I wish. And cupcakes…they’d have to be sugar free…just found out that while everything else seems to be going wrong, on verge of diabetes. Shocked.
    Have a good night…

  27. Mindy

    wow. beautiful.

  28. charlane

    i’ll bring and sit a while too. hope you’re feeling better soon.

  29. Catherine Just

    oh my gosh – I’m there with ya! Count me in on the round up with cupcakes and everything else !
    I was in the park today with a friend and just feel like I need more time alone now to recover ( we had 3 kids with us )


    its hardly surprising this post brought forth a flood (sic) of sisterly camarderie … or should that karma radarie …
    luvely post … i have been reading (and really enjoying) yours posts for a while but like others here this one made me laugh out loud … and will have me smiling for a long time …
    monkey-mind – i love it ! (not the being within it but the expression) …
    happy process to you >>> Gina

  31. jeanine

    is this in the park by your place? i want to be there too. i’ll bring the coffee. xo

  32. leonie

    i’ll bring the coffee

  33. Jan's camera

    Hi, I’ll be there with my camera. And oh what a lovely photo.

  34. Eloise

    I can so relate! I’ve been having a PMS month! The only thing getting me through today is the thought of the the double chocolate cupcake I will be devouring this arvo. Beautiful photo!

  35. andrea

    Ah, PMS. Once a month irrational, often ludicrous, emotional instability and maybe whimsy.

    Women are strong and powerful and resilient.

    I received an email recently with a picture of a mother showing her daughter a book. The subtitle of the book is There is a book. And the book title is…..
    “How to Be a Bitch” I will try to wear that title proudly!

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