Noah’s happy place

This song is the one thing guaranteed to make him stop crying – Soul Limbo by BookerT & the MGs. Papa Bear swinging him around also helps. His auntie is making up for lost cuddles this weekend :)

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  1. Jo

    Gorgeous! He has such a grown-up face and he’s such a BOY :) And yet he looks just like his beautiful mama.

  2. Michelle

    What is it with babies and the spinning. My niece is 2 months old and has loved the spinning (and extreme bouncing) since she was born. Just watching the video makes me dizzy! Noah is so adorable!

  3. Nicola

    How cute! I love how he’s starting to get drowsy at the end.

  4. Katherine

    this made me stop crying too! :)

    toooooooooo cute!

  5. melissa Piccola

    Love it!

  6. Kate

    So cute! And what brilliant taste in music! :)

  7. bella

    How adorable. All that music and rocking totally had his baby lids drooping closed at the end. Too cute.

  8. charlane

    LOL adorable!!! makes me happy too

  9. ciarrai

    he is a doll….adorable……..but i am dizzy……….

  10. Mel

    so cute. you totally forget the lengths you go to, to stop them crying…:)

  11. Kitty

    So cute! I love the little faces they make! I got SUPER dizzy from watching it though!


  12. franni

    Brilliant! Noah is SO adorable!! Lovin the drowsy/sleepyness at the end! thanks for sharing :)

    I have decided this is now my ‘happy song’ too!


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