One week old today

Noah_ab_feet_500 I don’t know how much their little feeties change, but right now baby Noah has feet *exactly* like mine but in miniature; I can’t tell you how much this thrills me! It’s hard being away from my family – Abby & Noah have been figuring out the breast-feeding thing, and he is slowly starting to put weight on. My sis is a total rockstar for the way she’s persevering through the challenges and doing what he needs right now.

I am a very proud big sister/auntie.

I also wanted to share this tweet from Danielle because it really made me smile and i thought you guys might like it too:

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  1. beth h

    I know how hard it is; my nephew is almost 6 months old, finally done with all of his many surgeries… and I want to be there everyday to see every smile and every tear.

  2. beth h

    p.s. noah is completely beautiful, by the way :)

  3. furiousball

    beautiful, can’t get enough of those lil’ baby toes :)

  4. Nathalie

    I know I’m lovely! But only through your lens maybe… It’s all gorgeous and so cute. You rock auntie (in a baby voice).

  5. Zavila

    This post is quite touching! I envy you very much and I can not wait to have my own baby in my arms, recognizing her tiny feet, her tiny hands, your face, your hair … I want these 3 ½ months they fly!

  6. Holly

    Yay! I’ll be right over Danielle!

  7. Elle

    You really do have the loveliest group of followers. I’ve made so many wonderful connections through Unravelling!
    Baby feet are the cutest thing ever.

  8. Meggy Wang

    @photobird has the most shiny, genuine cult of lovely people because she is, herself, a shiny, genuine person. Like draws like! And that picture is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

  9. Christine

    I can say for sure that the shape of his feet are the shape they will be…they’ll just continue to get bigger and fill out. How lucky for him to know he has is favorite aunties feet!!

  10. charlane

    oh..i love tea, thank you.
    and yes. my nieces have my cashew shaped pinkie toe.
    continue to grow that love – it’s a beautiful thing.

  11. Betty Thompson

    awww….this is so beautiful on so many levels its such an emotional tender moment to capture. I love this photo!

  12. Leah

    I absolutely love the photos you have shared of baby Noah. And I love the name Noah, it’s my big brother’s name and I love him very very much!

  13. mindy

    oh, the wonders of it all… congratulations auntie! i can feel the love bursting all the way across the pond :) xoxo, m

  14. kelly nolan

    Look at those long slim toes! If you put his feet in the mud people would think a raccoon had been there. Maybe you could make some sort of little footprint plaque like they do with hands in kindergarten…

  15. mariana

    I was so happy to ear about littel Noah. I have been working so hard that I miss is birth! Be very happy and enjoy every little momente.
    Thanks for you blog that I follow regulary but never coment.
    Mariana from portugal

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