Spring, how I love thee


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  1. Miss Isabell

    yes YES Y E S!

  2. Jo

    Stunning portrait of Marisa. They’re soooo your thing.x

  3. Catherine

    Great shots ! With a beautiful sun ;o)

  4. rachel

    I love the blossoms! So pretty :)

  5. and flowers pick themselves

    is there anything more beautiful than a tree bursting with blooms? sometimes i think there really isn’t.
    enjoy your weekend :)
    xo Alison

  6. Roxanne

    I second that! The magnolias have just about spent themselves, but the second wave of cherry blossoms, together with pear and apple blossoms, are now showing themselves. Funny, the tulips and rhododendrons are late this spring.
    As always, great shots.

  7. Megan


  8. Stacy

    Agreed…. so pretty!

  9. Nicole | blue bicicletta

    Gorgeous! I love blossoms. Also glad to see Marisa arrived safe and sound. Can’t wait to hear more about what you guys are cooking up!

  10. bella

    Pretty pictures, pretty girls ! xo

  11. Lightning Heart

    so beautiful

  12. Mindy

    these are so beautiful! i love the flowering tree. and the vintage feel. i can’t wait until i get my polaroid!

  13. Alexis

    Very beautiful. Well, I started my photo and poetry blog. Hope to take your wonderful class to perfect it and gain some more insights and a newer body of work. I would love some feedback on my blog. If you get time, please check it out. I tend to just put up my best photos and write journals under them. But it can evolve. it’s still new.

  14. Christine

    Love these! So soft and pink, and spring.

  15. margie

    i am this )( close to getting a polaroid. i cannot wait.

  16. maybemayest

    really beautiful :)
    you make me feel spring even in this time my house still hot and summer !

  17. sirja

    Couldn’t agree more. Towards the end of winter I’m thirsty for spring blossoms, so now it’s perpetual joy…

  18. tiina

    So very beautiful. I love to stop by your blog, I always leave so inspired!

  19. Nuria

    one of the best spring effects: wonderful blossoms!!!

  20. Edwas

    Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg


  21. Jo Klima

    Love these polas :)

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