Stage fright Thursday

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  1. stephanie caldwell

    oh don’t be afraid to fill this space up with your thoughts! your words are always beautiful, i love reading them.
    I’m not visiting this space with “best post you’ve ever written” expectations. I’m visiting with “authentic honest words from susannah” expectations. And you always deliver. even with this (small & pathetic – not worth clicking) great little post.

  2. Kate M

    You’ve successfully ‘broken in’ your new blog! Now you can stop worrying about not writing anything special & get back to doing what you do best – writing inspiring posts :)

  3. sirja

    And here comes another don’t-even-dream-about-it-girl chance to win the golden ticket to the e-course ;-)
    And, please Susannah, start “wearing your new shoes” – need the lovely language again…

  4. susannah

    bless your heart <3 x

  5. Megan

    I am the same way with posts… as well as with shoes and clothes ;) I trust that all of your offerings will be as beautiful (if not more) than they have been thus far… and as always, thank you for sharing!

  6. charlane

    oh honey bunny – i understand this so much. but jump on in, the water is fine.

  7. Gitte

    Such an original website full of poetry! It gives me inspirations, Bravo!

    Gitte from France

  8. Christine

    I understand completely! I get this way about new journals. Sometimes, to get over it, I skip a few pages and start with the “second” entry, leaving the blank first pages for later. Usually I end up putting some pretty scrap of paper or a nice quote there later to take up the space, and that second entry becomes the first.
    And to echo everyone else – I don’t visit for perfection (although some of your posts and photos certainly are just that) I come for your blend of soft beautiful images, insight and dry sense of humour. Which, together, are perfect! : )

  9. Courtney

    I feel the same way about my new journal. Here is to jumping in and taking risks!

  10. Cara

    please don’t worry! I love the way you express yourself, and I’ve been waiting to see the next post in the series. It’s a very…transitional (?) time in my life now, and I’m really finding the posts encouraging to read. Well, and that’s maybe an understatement, :-) but just wanted you to know that your words are having an effect on at least one soul…and I’m sure, so many more.

  11. sas

    now you’ve popped the cherry it’s all smooth sailing from here on ;)

  12. agneta

    Your blog ….. it’s amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

    A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

  13. Catherine

    Oh yes … Forget about the Nobel prize of the blog post ! It’s for YOU that we come here for ;o)

  14. mindy

    yes please post! i check in daily and re-read old posts while waiting for new ones. every post has the potential to inspire me in the day! even the most simple post. even if it’s only a photograph. please post ;)

  15. susannah

    i love you guys :) thanks for being so lovely and encouraging! x

  16. Jim Simms

    And I thought I was the only one! Gratz on your new address, looking good…

  17. Rebecca

    Trust the flow…xo

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