Things I want to remember

* How incredible sandalwood incense smells when it mingles with the scent of brewing coffee

* Even when the clouds cover the sky, the sun is still shining above them

* The best emails contain photos of my nephew

* Creativity is a never-ending ride at the fun fair

* If I wear Tam Dao I’m instantly transported back to 2004 and his arms

* Sometimes the hunger is for love, not food

* Sometimes the hunger really is for food

* Right now, in this moment, I have everything I need.

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  1. stacey woods


  2. sirja

    I love the second one! And it made me think of how I love to see life as a succession of waves. Every time I’m happy, I’m riding high and enjoying it. Every low moment, however, gives me hope next high wave is on its way :-)
    Tam Dao got to me. It’s amazing how intense emotions push their way through the words…like rays of sunshine through the trees.

  3. susannah

    i can only wear that perfume occasionally now.. the memories are overwhelming!

  4. maggie may

    my perfume is 15 years and many memories.

  5. Beth

    Images are so powerful too – your photo of Vinegar Hill took me right back to my year in Bath studying for a Masters a few years ago. Such a wonderful place to be a student, especially as spring is emerging. Thanks for dropping by my blog and posting your sweet message. Can’t wait to learn from you! Beth

  6. charlane

    oh yes…the last line. oh yes.

  7. skeetergal

    You are beautiful and you must always remember how lovely YOU are. FACT x

  8. jane

    remember too what a difference you make

  9. susannah

    you guys are so lovely! xoxo

  10. lucy

    Love the photo! (And hoe despite recognising exactly that shop in bath, I could still swear it was italy from the mood and colours :) )

  11. Ashley

    How beautiful. This list gives me such warm and cozy feelings, like I could just wrap myself up in all the beauty it describes.

  12. Jaimie

    In those moments of darkness and despair, when I’ve fallen and can’t get up, the one thing I try to remember is “the sun is ALWAYS shining.” I love that. It makes my heart smile.

  13. jasmin

    oooohh ..great note it’s going to be perfect

  14. Roxanne

    The Heavy Thing continues its relentless invasion of my serenity. A list like this helps me remember … that the Heavy Thing will eventually take a break.

  15. Bea

    Remember, too, how many lives you have changed simply by being YOU.

  16. christina

    YES. yes. yes. (esp. that last line!)

  17. Walter Helena Photography

    What a gorgeous space you’ve created; thank you for sharing!

    If you’d like, please stop by my blog for a chance to win a fine art photographic giclee print…by me :)

  18. The Shutter

    Beautiful. You have such a way with words.

  19. mindy

    beautiful list.

    i must go write my own in my journal.

  20. Amy

    So true, and so telling~
    “Sometimes the hunger is for love, not food”
    Blew me away to see that in print…so accurate.
    The smells are fantastic to imagine~
    And as always…your images are a peaceful respite in the midst of my chaotic day.
    Mille Grazie :)

  21. Jan's camera

    Beautiful sentiments :)

  22. Qui


  23. Hannah

    hmm, many of these resonate with me :)

  24. elle moss

    Beautiful! Im so in love with your photography!

  25. Kate

    Beautiful! Very thought provoking :)

  26. Tor

    Oh my Vinegar Hill! That’s one of my fav shops in Brizzle. It’s just down the road from me. I have to walk past it all too often – its delicious goods enticing me through the doors.

  27. Kathryn

    Just wanted to post a quick comment to say I always read your blog and love it!
    I’m curious, what sort of book are you writing?

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