A very special announcement

Here’s some proof that if you put a dream into words – and put it out there – the planets will align to help make it happen.  Last year I shared on my blog that I wanted to write an Unravelling book; a few weeks later I received a quick email from Nikki Hardin, founder & publisher of skirt! magazine, saying if i ever put a proposal together she’d love to read it. Between that very first contact and the beginning of this week there’s been a proposal, a sample chapter, many phones calls, the finding of my agent*, Laura Nolan at DiFiore & Company, and my editor**, Mary Norris at Globe Pequot Press, and now the virtual handshake that says YES! This book is happening!

I’m thrilled to announce that in spring 2012 you’ll be able to walk into a bookstore and buy a book written (and photographed) by me; it will be a book you can keep in your bag, a companion for your journey. It will be filled with everything I know about healing, creativity, truth-telling and some magic too; in my head it looks like an elegant journal with Polaroids slipped between the pages. My e-courses were the starting point for the book, and the idea has grown and blossomed into something truly delicious. I’ve been dying to tell you what’s been happening behind the scenes, and I hope to chronicle a little bit of the process here on the blog.

So while Laura, Mary and I tend to this book like literary midwives, I wanted to ask you something: If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know the ups and downs of the last five years – are there parts of the journey you’d like to know more about? I’m going to be spilling every useful bean I have in my bag, and it would be great to have an idea of what you are curious about. As I craft the rest of the story between now and my manuscript deadline (first week of March!), I’ll be weaving in as much honesty, inspiration and juice as I can… when you open the pages what would you hope to find? What would support and inspire you the most?

I promise to make it the best it can be… this a gift from me to YOU.

So that’s my big news! Apparently you wait your whole life for a publishing opportunity and then two come along at once. It’s a crazy amazing world.

* My agent! A big thank you to Marianne for introducing us
** My editor! I love saying that

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  1. Beth

    So so happy for you Susannah, can’t wait to read it

  2. Amy

    But minus the cigarettes and vodka!
    Susannah…this couldn’t have happened to a more talented or deserving person. I am THRILLED for you! I cannot WAIT to get a copy and do as you say…tuck it in my bag and covet it~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  3. Yuki Murai

    Hurray, hurray, hurray!! I’m making sure everyone in Japan hears about this. Congratulations, Susannah!!

  4. andrea

    your world is lining up for you susannah! your pure little statement became a reality. it’s so great to see this unfold for you and it lets us all know that if we say what we want it will come to us. i love this and i can just imagine that you are beaming! i can’t wait to say i knew her when… :)

  5. susannah

    thank you love :)

    thank you everyone!! xxxx

  6. Alexis

    I already plan to gift your book to friends and family who need the course but can’t afford it. Best with the writing and photographing. Congratulations! ; )

  7. jojo

    I am so excited for you! what an inspiration you are!! truly an inspiration. the only thing that comes to mind is everything you already do. so keep doing it!!

    aside from that… fear and the unknown is something that i struggle with. learning to know what to pursue and what to leave behind. how to move fwd to create a different life when you dont know what it looks like. i dont know if any of these things speak to what might be included in your book… but overall i am drawn to honesty in peoples’ stories. i love being witness to this! congrats a million times over :) xo

  8. Amisha

    Congratulations and so, so inspiring!

  9. susannah

    thank you love! and for these ideas – i think i might address some of this in future blogs posts… might be more juicy to read now xo

  10. amy

    Congratulations! This is such wonderful news.

  11. The Shutter

    This is such great news! I’m so happy for you. You have played such an inspirational role in my life and you are really going to knock the socks off so many new readers, and touch so many more lives with a book. Bravo. xo

  12. mo

    i follow you on twitter, and i must say, i’m thrilled for you! very exciting, and i can’t wait to see the book ;)

  13. emma

    Congratulations and cheers! It’s amazing what happens when we ask and are willing to walk through open doors and windows. Look forward to learning more about making the dream into reality.

  14. meghan

    brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
    congratulations, dearest Susannah*
    love, love,

  15. kelly Wills

    I love, love, LOVE when good people like you live to see a dream fulfilled. I got goose bumps when I read your announcement. So very cool. I’m quite proud of you. I am anxious to walk into the bookstore, buy your book and tell everyone that I know you. :)

  16. Kim Klassen

    sooo very very… happy for you… such amazing news!!!! xxo, kim

  17. Francesca

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it. Whatever you choose to include, I know it will be just as it’s meant to be – perfect!

  18. susannah

    Kelly, you rock my world :)

  19. Rae

    Oh susannah.
    What a wonderful path your journey has led up to. I look forward to the day your book comes out, and I will make sure that book travels all the way to the Philippines to have by my side.
    Thank you for allowing me the chance to become an unraveller and being a small part of this HUGE world of yours.

  20. terri

    Susannah – that is so exciting and so inspiring for all of us on creative quests to see what is possible and how it can unfold. Congratulations and look forward to your beautiful new book! Terri

  21. Leslie

    I will definitely buy your book and give it to my friends -I think your work, both writing and photography, is special and can be uplifting and inspiring to so many.
    Big, big congratulations!

  22. mindy

    omg! i’m so excited about this!! i can not WAIT to see it in real life at my local bookstore ;) so much excitement! i can FEEL it coming through my computer screen…

  23. Grete

    Susannah –

    Me and Max (Mr. Camera) have just started following your blog, and Mr. M just whispered in my ear he’d like to be handled by you one day :-) He mentioned something about your soft touch……

    As for The Book (big congrats from both of us!), here’s my question:
    When did you feel spiritually, mentally and emotionally mature enough to teach? This is a personal question, as I’m about to do just that….. The best advise I’ve come across so far is Neale Donald Walsch saying – A spiritual leader does not say “Follow me”. A spiritual leader says, “I’ll go first”.

    That is somehow humbling…..

    Keep up the good work! You blog is amazing!


  24. Elizabeth Ray

    You are amazing.
    I love your blog.
    can’t wait to get your book.
    love this.

  25. Selma

    Brilliant news. You certainly deserve every success. I am really pleased for you!

  26. susannah

    Hello Grete and Max! :)

    what an AWESOME question! and i’m going to answer that in a blog post, definitely – thank you for asking xo

  27. Traci

    I. Am. THRILLED!!!

  28. Lisa

    EEE! I just read this – I’m SO SO happy for you (and selfishly, for ME – I can’t wait to purchase it!).


    (I’ve only been reading your blog for – what, about a year? – so can’t offer any insights …I’m sure you’ll include anything and everything I’d love to know.) :)

  29. Angelique

    I did Unravelling 1 last January and I’m in the middle of Unravelling 2. How great it would be to have something solid and tactile like a book … where I can write during those moments of clarity … which occur while continuing to unravel through the months and years.

  30. Andrea

    Congratulations on your upcoming book, Susannah!

    I’ve only been following your blog for a few months but keep coming back because I so admire your ability to keep it real; to share about your pain, struggles, joys and triumphs in such a public place like the ‘net. I’m so happy that this is happening for you!

  31. Liz C.

    Hooray! CANNOT wait to read this, or to take Unravelling 2 this fall:) You are such a powerful force for good, my dear.

  32. Rhianne

    Oh my gosh, I’ve only just seen this and I am so excited!! I’ve wanted to take part in your courses since I started reading your blog but the opportunity has never arisen so I will definitely be getting your book(s).

    I cant even imagine how excited you must be! :)

  33. ALexis

    If you need some poetic inspiration along the way, I would love to be able to listen to you, help you along, comment on drafts, be there for you whenever you need it. Your online friend in the States, Alexis

  34. ALexis

    Oops one more thing. I think your nickname should be Polaroid Soul.

  35. j. marie

    Congratulations! I’m very upset I wasn’t able to sign up for Unravelling this time around due to scheduling, so I will be eagerly looking forward to getting a copy of your book. I wish you continued success.

  36. Renee

    HUGE congratulations to you on the book deal AND on keeping such an exciting secret a secret! Solid work and commitment coming together with opportunity. Enjoy and don’t stress too much on the deadlines :-) Red Shoes Talk – from a prior class.

  37. Anali

    “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I just used this quote in a post and your post is more proof. Congratulations! ; )

  38. Andrew Lightheart @alightheart

    An agent!

    An editor!

    This, THIS, is cool!


  39. susannah


  40. Angela Vular

    I just read your post….WOW! This is amazing with a capital “A”!! I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to buy your book/books. I’ll be buying multiple copies for gifts. I actually think I will tear up when I see it in the book store….and I will have to tell the bookseller that I have taken your courses. Yeah…you’ve given me something to brag about. Congratulations…You’re living your dream…that is AMAZING!!!

  41. mindy

    the world is going to be blown away! i am absolutely thrilled for you and can not wait til it hits the shelves. hope your book tour brings you this way… i’ll be an official groupie :)

  42. cindy

    congratulations! i enjoy all you do and wish you the best of luck. you are an inspiration in so many ways.

  43. Kathryn

    how exciting, congrats! :)

  44. Silvana

    Congratulations, Susannah! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this wonderful opportunity. You’ll touch (and change!) so many lives with this book. Can’t wait to read it. Wishing you so much joy in your writing process and loads of success when the book hits the shelves! xo

  45. babu

    Dear Susannah!
    Congratulations to you! And goodd luck for writing and choosing pictures.


  46. shari

    so excited for your book, susannah.

  47. anne hubben

    Congratulations! I’ve just discovered you recently, and am thrilled that there will now be a book i can carry around in my bag :-) I love your site + your work + am looking forward to getting an inside glimpse on all of this goodness unfolding! xo

  48. Genevieve Luna

    I can’t wait for the release of your first book!!!! Congratulations. I look forward to reading it.

  49. Marni Heiter

    Wow Susannah! I am so excited for your book! I have really been out of it for the past three months. With moving, trips and a new Grandbaby, life has been full. I am just now seeing that you have been writing a book! I am so excited for you!! I want to thank you for your inspirational writings and photos that continue to move me to fully take hold of what I am passionate about and what allows me to breathe and take in all of life even during the ups and downs. You truly were the one, through your unravelling courses, that touched my heart and inspired me to dream out of the box; reflect a lot; be enlightened by my past instead of having it cripple me; let go of stuff if I needed to; and believe in myself that anything is possible. I can’t wait to buy your book and share it with everyone I know! I look forward to the day you have an Unravelling 3. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your journey and passion for life with so many! I look forward to following where this will take you!

  50. susannah

    Thank you so much, Marni! xo

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