A very special announcement

Here’s some proof that if you put a dream into words – and put it out there – the planets will align to help make it happen.  Last year I shared on my blog that I wanted to write an Unravelling book; a few weeks later I received a quick email from Nikki Hardin, founder & publisher of skirt! magazine, saying if i ever put a proposal together she’d love to read it. Between that very first contact and the beginning of this week there’s been a proposal, a sample chapter, many phones calls, the finding of my agent*, Laura Nolan at DiFiore & Company, and my editor**, Mary Norris at Globe Pequot Press, and now the virtual handshake that says YES! This book is happening!

I’m thrilled to announce that in spring 2012 you’ll be able to walk into a bookstore and buy a book written (and photographed) by me; it will be a book you can keep in your bag, a companion for your journey. It will be filled with everything I know about healing, creativity, truth-telling and some magic too; in my head it looks like an elegant journal with Polaroids slipped between the pages. My e-courses were the starting point for the book, and the idea has grown and blossomed into something truly delicious. I’ve been dying to tell you what’s been happening behind the scenes, and I hope to chronicle a little bit of the process here on the blog.

So while Laura, Mary and I tend to this book like literary midwives, I wanted to ask you something: If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know the ups and downs of the last five years – are there parts of the journey you’d like to know more about? I’m going to be spilling every useful bean I have in my bag, and it would be great to have an idea of what you are curious about. As I craft the rest of the story between now and my manuscript deadline (first week of March!), I’ll be weaving in as much honesty, inspiration and juice as I can… when you open the pages what would you hope to find? What would support and inspire you the most?

I promise to make it the best it can be… this a gift from me to YOU.

So that’s my big news! Apparently you wait your whole life for a publishing opportunity and then two come along at once. It’s a crazy amazing world.

* My agent! A big thank you to Marianne for introducing us
** My editor! I love saying that

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  1. Lee

    I will be first in line to buy a copy for all four of my sisters. And probably more, for every girlfriend I have! Whoot. This is such wonderful news :) Congratulations!

  2. Stacy

    HUGE GIGANTIC CONGRATS to you!!! How very exciting and well deserved. <3

  3. Sam

    Wahoo! Congratulations!

  4. Mel

    doing a little dance in the lounge. My goodness I am so happy for you and for everyone who will buy your book:) Well done Susannah!



  5. Alexis

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to buy it!

  6. manilenya

    congratulation Susannah, you deserve it :)

  7. jodie

    what a whirlwind…i am so happy to see this dream realized! you continue to be our inspiration…

  8. Brigitte

    Congratulations, Susannah! I am so happy for you. I am going to have to sit back and think of what I’d like to see more of. You are so generous with yourself in this space — it’s difficult to imagine how much creative goodness you could be holding back. But I cannot wait for the book to come out, so I can snag my own copy.

  9. Victoria Matthews

    Congratulations, Susannah! Wonderful news.

  10. ~Kristina

    First, a mega congratulations!
    Second, I can’t wait for the book.

  11. jeanine

    oh love. i am so thrilled for you and proud of you. i cannot wait to walk into a store, pick up your book and tell the person behind the counter… i know her, she’s magnificent. mwah!

  12. linda

    Wow, congratulations! Looking forward to the book and I think you should share the story and the journey…

  13. megmanionsilliker

    i’m so excited and so thrilled for you. i have so enjoyed everything you do. the power of healing is amazing – you are such an inspiration. xo

  14. Marthe

    WOW! I’m so happy for you!!

    (…and a little envious, as this is also a big dream for me. However, I know I have such a long way to go and your book is definitely going to be great to have on the way. I’m so happy!!)

  15. Jill

    oh lady, the biggest, bestest congratulations to you! you are a mighty inspiration :) can’t wait to hear more about the process and i’ll put my thinking cap about what i’d like to read/see in the book and send you a message.

    your fabulous news just filled my faith in dreams cup even more :)

  16. Heather

    I am thrilled for you and the world ! just think how many more people you can reach this way! A HUGE congrats!

  17. kate

    oh my gosh susannah! congratulations! that is AMAZING news and so, so deserved!
    i cannot wait to buy the book! xx

  18. Crystal Heis

    Congratulations! This is wonderful. I can’t wait to get a copy. Will you sign it for me? :-)

  19. nancy

    Congrats to you!! You deserve it! :) xo

  20. Amelia

    congratulations there – you total inspiration you! Gosh, I hope one day to have a book put together and published around experimental art-ing! :)


  21. Steph

    Well, I’ve been grinning for quite some time as I thought that the hints you dropped in your tweets were quite obvious and now, finally, you break the news! I don’t care to know anything Sus, I am just pleased for you like… to the moon and back! No, to Mars and back! Enjoy your moment!

  22. charlane

    congratulations. i’ve admired you for a while now and i can’t wait to see how you soar with this project. xoxo

    i so want to read your thoughts – all of it, as a song lyric goes “the good, the bad, the happy and the sad…i want it all”. i believe it is all of these things that bring us to any point in time. so bring it! :)

  23. susannah

    you will get there, love, i have no doubt! xx

  24. sas

    *air fist punch*
    fantastic news. it will be a beautiful best seller.
    ny times list – here she comes!

  25. susannah

    *giggle* absolutely! :)

  26. Anthony

    Goodness me, congratulations to you. Have been following for 4 or 5 years; good for you, I’m thrilled for you. I am still awaiting details of your fashion epiphany however…

  27. susannah

    yeah, that’s me – subtle as a sledgehammer :)

  28. Cara

    Congratulations Susannah!! How *WONDERFUL*!

  29. Crystal

    Oh, this is so exciting! Congratulations, Susannah… this is well-deserved.

  30. susannah

    and THAT is why you are my mate ;-)

  31. Bria

    Yay, Congratulations! I am so excited for you (and for me as I will have the ability to purchase one of your books!) I would love to hear more about how you ended up where you are as a creative genius and successful self employer. What steps did you take? What made you decide to offer online courses? How did you do it? And of course…more juice is always good. ;)

  32. susannah

    thank you love – ‘the good, the bad, the happy and the sad’ – yep, that about covers it :)

  33. susannah

    you’re so right- i need to blog about that (though, as a bloke, you may find it a bit … boring ;)

  34. gina

    hurray and best wishes =D)

  35. fresh365

    Much congrats! I love your honesty here and can’t wait to get my hands on your book. It will be magic!

  36. Micheline

    That’s huge! Congratulations on the book and for keeping a lid on it for so long. You must have almost burst at the seems.

  37. Sandra

    I have only started reading your blog, but I’d love to buy your book when it’s ready, and I’d love to hear about it all, especially including anything related to believing in yourself, warts and all.

  38. barbara

    i´m sooooo happy for you, this book is going to be great!!!
    i will be there for you to sign it!!!!
    Big celebration!!!! :-)

  39. mau

    congratulations suzannah! you deserve it and i’m sure it will be every bit as successful as your blog has been. you go girl! x

  40. mau

    oops sorry i misspelt your name! :-S

  41. DawnS

    So, so happy for you :)

  42. jane

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! and on behalf of the world


  43. Claire

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your book.

  44. ije

    congratulations! i love when the world conspires to fulfill your desires. i’m so excited! i’m only 1 week into my first un-ravelling course and i know that book’s going to be a “must-have” for me. this is powerful stuff!

  45. Galina

    Wow! that’s great news!

  46. jamie

    Ah…. I love those moments of fruition, those moments of “all roads led to here.” I’m so thrilled for you. What an acknowledgement of your brilliance, your vision and all you’ve created. How wonderful that your gifts will grace bookshelves everywhere, including mine – and yes, I want a signed copy too :)

    As for your question, I’d love to hear about (and this is a question I hear from people all the time) how you get yourself through the dark days, the times it was hard to believe, the times you didn’t know it was going to work. Hearing that always feels like a helpful hand from the other side, bringing hope that you as a reader will get there too.

    I’m sending you lots of love and clinking a glass of bubbly with you, Susannah. Way to go, beautiful.

  47. susannah

    thank you dear Jamie, and yes, that is an excellent question and in many ways the whole book is the answer – how i got through the worst times. how i survived. i’m ON it x

  48. Sarah

    Whooooooot oh hon that is amazing wonderful and happy dancing for you!!! Don’t ya love it when you put it out there and it happens? Well deserved…your concept is brilliant..I will be buying one!!! Whoo hoo girl!
    Hugs, Sarah

  49. Tina

    yippie susannah!! what wonderful news! i’m pleased as peach for you! you totally deserve this opportunity!! happy writing sweetie! xo

  50. jane

    WOW!!! Fantastic news!! So great for you. I can’t wait to read it. Congratulations and lots of love to you Susannah.

  51. melissa Piccola

    oh my gosh…so excited for you! can’t wait to be able to hold your book in my hands. xo

  52. Colette

    I’m so proud of you!

    WOW! Latest news for me is my SX 70 finally arrived!!! It works too. Whew.

    Gonna play this weekend.

  53. Tara Bradford

    Fantastic news, Sus! So happy for you – and for your future readers! I think your experience in handling grief and finding your way forward would be very useful to readers.

  54. Lori

    Congratulations! You must be over the moon with excitement. I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to buy your book/hear more about the process, etc. WTG! Lori

  55. susannah

    it’s gonna become a Polaroid obsession :-D

  56. doorways traveler

    i love you big. and i am so PROUD of you. awesomely awesomistic! xxxx

  57. karen d

    Holy Moly girl I can’t believe you were able to keep this huge secret.. wishing you much success and hugs from across the pond.

  58. Masha

    Gongratulations! I can’t wait for Spring 2011 to have the book in my bag. :)

  59. Marianne


    My only regret today is that I’m raising my champagne glass here and not there – in your kitchen.

    I can see where this is going and it adds up to many, many, many people finding healing and realising their dreams. You are a world changer in the best possible way my friend.


  60. Shannon

    Congratulations…can’t wait to read the book and see the photos. I hope this means you’ll be taking on a book tour!?!

  61. susannah

    absolutely!!! :)

  62. susannah

    aw, thank you angel – i love you big xoxo

  63. susannah

    and i love YOU!

  64. Vanessa

    so, so, so, so utterly over the moon for you, susannah!

    something i’d like to see inside those pages? a nice smattering of your gorgeous self portraits! (i think the first time i came across your old blog was -directly or indirectly- through the self portrait challenge!). it’s been a joy to watch you unravel. so inspiring. can’t wait to see you in print dahhling!

  65. Micala Duvoux

    Congratulations Susannah, that is such amazing news and so so well deserved. I’m reeeaaaally excited for you!!

  66. Amiable Peculiarities

    Oh Susannah! Congratulations. What an achievement, go you! I will be looking forward to it. Will think about what I’m curious about!! Jane

  67. shaina

    this is sooo exciting! congrats to you. i can’t wait for this!! and hearing about the journey along the way will be bliss.

  68. Catherine

    OMG !!! Susannah, this is GREAT news. Congrats. You must feel proud. I feel so happy for you !

  69. susannah

    aw, bless you sweet V :) there may be one or two selfies, but not too many!

  70. Sophie Isobel Designs

    Oh congratulations Susannah! I’m so delighted for you! You are a constant source of inspiration in my world and I just can’t wait to carry your book with me on my adventures.
    Sophie x

  71. Ingrid

    Wonderful news! I hope it reaches the bookshops in Australia!

  72. Ashley

    How fabulous! I’m so excited for you and so excited to see the book! hurray!

  73. Susannah

    Susannah Susannah Susannah! How excited am I for you! It is going to be AMAZING. I cannot wait to see it in print. What an inspiration to dream big and follow your passions.

  74. vera b

    i have no doubt that you will give it everything you’ve got.
    and coming from you, it will be one hell of a book.
    so excited for you! x

  75. Jodie

    Awesomeness! Congrats Susannah :D

  76. state of sunday

    that is amazing!! I have only been following this blog for a little while but i know a lot of people will find inspiration through that book..

  77. natalea

    Big congratulations to you sweet Susannah!!! so thrilled for you! xoxo natalea

  78. amy

    wow, that’s such wonderful (and well earned) news. congratulations!

  79. Mariella

    Susannah!This post made me emotional a little bit…:-)so so happy for you, I am sure this book will be awesome! I would love to read about your photography and your world and the path that led you here…really congratulations you should be proud of yourself!!

  80. karen

    Hooray and congrats! I can’t wait :)

    In the “things you should include” list I know there will be photography, and journaling, and your amazing honesty but I would add poetry… I always LOVE your poetry selections.

    I just know it’s going to be incredible!

  81. kelly

    I know what all my friends will have under their Christmas trees in 2011 – Congratulations – you are so blissfully inspiring – it’s actually dizzying how far your talent stretches

  82. Christine

    congratulations!! honesty, integrity and a boat load of talent have you.

  83. Marisa and Creative Thursday

    A rockstar! I tell you! A rockstar that’s what you are. Congratulations! As your little sister, can I tell you I’m super proud of you? xo

  84. Roxanne

    How awesome! I have been thinking about my book plans alot lately. Perhaps this is just the inspiration I need to keep going.

  85. janet

    wonderful news for a woman so worthy of living the dream!

  86. Hayley

    BIG congratulations to you, this is such exciting news! I am only fairly new to your blog, but it only took one post to know that it would be my favourite. You are a wonderful, honest, moving writer and I am constantly inspired by your words. Can’t wait to get hold of a copy of your book!

  87. Jadyn

    Susannah, this is amazing! Congrats!!!

  88. Nicola

    This is such wonderful news! Many many congratulations. You are such an inspiration to so many of us who are also trying to find a way to live the dream and I think we’d all like to hear tales of how you found the courage to do it and of the times that you faltered too. xxx

  89. Fidelma

    Hurrah! That is brilliant news and will coincide just nicely with my move back to the UK. I look forward to it already. Congratulations

  90. susannah

    thank you Karen, i will give that some thought :)

  91. susannah

    bless you :) xx

  92. susannah

    ohhh, you are the cutest! i love you honey xo

  93. susannah

    I’m on it! :) x

  94. Miss Isabell

    that’s wonderful, wonderful news! :)

    you are such an inspiration, and you’ve totes deserved this.


  95. avelottes

    good news! i’m so happy to hear about this!
    and i can’t wait for the german translation!!!!!!!

  96. ellie

    Huge, glorious congratulations Susannah! I am so excited for you. Will you (please!) have a launch party / event in London?? I have another secret request… a real life class in London sometime?? love Ellie x

  97. franni

    Hoorah! Many congratulations Susannah and many blessings for this new (and utterly exciting!) creative process!

    franni x

  98. susannah

    hee! can you imagine?! so cool :)

  99. susannah

    oh DEFINITELY a launch party in London! cupcakes & beer :)

    as for the RL class…….. watch this space xo

  100. Victoria

    So many congratulations – what amazing news!! I am relatively new to your blog, but have spent many an hour reading back posts on your wonderful blog- I have cried, laughed, been totally wow-ed out by you and your journey. Wishing you much luck with the book- I am so looking foward to reading it!! Yay!

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