Be still my heart

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  1. Marthe

    He is beautiful! :)

  2. rachel

    oh he is precious! and i love the baby blanket, it looks so snuggly…x

  3. charlane

    you will never be the same. never. and the world is more beautiful for it.

  4. Alexis

    I think that there is nothing on earth that cannot be healed by sniffing a baby’s head. If I could bottle it, I’d make a fortune!

  5. Roxanne

    They enter this world in the most amazing way and yes, they change us forever. He looks like a real heart stealer.

  6. Thea Coughlin

    Oh my goodness he is a cute little peanut. I love all of these-especially the first one:)

  7. mindy

    oh! the. best.

  8. Kristy

    Sent straight from heaven to a delightful auntie like you.

  9. erin

    So precious. :)

  10. Kate

    Beautiful pictures – your nephew is a sweetheart!

  11. Lu

    you are SO addicted to this little man. addicted, i tell you!!!!

  12. susannah

    I really and truly am :-D

  13. helen

    What a gorgeous baby! You lucky auntie you!

  14. Barbara

    Love the first picture

  15. susannah

    he’s the bomb, isn’t he :-D

  16. rose

    ohhhh. aren’t nephew’s the bestest?!x

  17. Christina

    oh, bless his heart.
    so glad i found you here, in your new place.

  18. Lisa

    I was an aunt before I was a mamma and I know exactly how you feel. Unconditional love … the first time you feel it it’s like nothing else. I’m an American living in the UK and your posts make me jealous as my nephews and nieces all live in the US and I miss them terribly!!
    PS I bought that blanket for my first little girl and now her sister uses it!!
    Love the Website!

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