(More) Polaroids & a question

It’s Spring Roid Week over on Flickr and I am in heaven looking through the images shared in the pool – the colours, the places, the people, all imbued with the soft light of Polaroid love. *sigh*
Some favourites: 1. Belliagio, Las Vegas, 2. Untitled, 3. Ezra, Star Wars, Annie’s Donuts, 4. west village color blocking, 5. Untitled, 6. Roid Spring = vitamins for the soul, 7. two dozen roses, 8. vanity (mirror), 9. bulb envy

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  1. Kristen

    Hi Susannah,

    Love your blog! I use a lot of creative commons on my blog right now but I would like to start using more of my own images.

    I think I would like to see a class on creating vignettes/ still life images to help support the content of my blog. I would also be interested in a session on lighting and how to use light to my advantage when taking pictures for my blog.


  2. Carolyn | A Beautiful Ripple Effect

    I have to say all three! You have such an incredible way of combining your photography with your writing and blogging. It is truly unique. How do you do it all!!?? You haven’t sacrificed quality at all and that is so difficult. Most photographers will have gorgeous photos, but then their blogs lack depth in the writing/blogging component. You are talented in all three and make it seem effortless. Spill your secrets!!
    Lots of love and hugs,

  3. Sarah

    Oooo I love your photos..so soft and wonderful!!
    Hmmmm. I love your heart hon..you know that and I think during Unravelling what I loved the most – other than the personal growth of course..was when you shared of yourself…your experiences in life. Or maybe a class on using polaroids..or processing…
    In terms of the blogging..I would love to do a class with you about your blogging philosophy..how you put it together..what you choose and not choose. What you are trying to create here in your words?
    Does that make sense..I didn’t take the class..so maybe – LOL that is what is was.. anyway…just my thoughts….hugs, Sarah

  4. Lili

    aahh thank you for selecting mine as one of your favs (the color-blocked building) :)

    i think for a class with you i’d be inspired by writing to reveal more about the inner self more honestly. even with my morning pages and other thoughts that spill out throughout the day, i still feel like i’m not delving into the darker parts of me that make me feel small at times.

  5. Marthe

    Hi Susannah!

    I’m really looking forward to this workshop!

    If I could get a two hour class with you, I think I would find a photography class most interesting. I love your photography, so anything photography-related would be great!

    Also, I would love a writing class on how to write beautiful blog posts! :)

  6. Paty

    Hi Susannah, I would like to see how you develop the three subjects and maybe something on blogging ethics and networking as a blogger. By the way… I signed on your mailing list, but so far, I haven’t received any update…

  7. stephanie caldwell

    i really like to learn more about your selection process. How do you decide what to write about and when to write about it. Making one post flow with the next to get a more well rounded blog…making my blog more cohesive overall.
    How to create a space that makes people wish they could visit it in real life…you know. Sharing enough about me, on my blog, without sharing way too much. How to craft the “online’ me vs. the real life me…should there be a difference?
    How to make my writing more like a conversation and less like a newpaper article…not sounding dry and tasteless.
    Using color, light, texture and focus to achieve the best quality photos.
    oh my goodness!!!! So much so much. I’d love to pick your brain. I’m looking forward to whatever you have to share with us next.

  8. donna

    I would love to see you do an online course combining photography and writing … maybe making up stories about a photograph … or writing a story and taking a photograph to illustrate it … just thinking out loud here.

  9. susannah

    oh my goodness, you guys!!! there is so much here – i want to do it all! maybe a year long e-course? :-D

    okay, keep the suggestions coming, i will start plotting the next stage!


  10. susannah

    i love your photo!!

  11. susannah

    Paty, love, the email will be coming out 24 hours before the registration opens. email me if you want to chat xo

  12. susannah

    shucks! thank you hon xo i will spill it all!

  13. susannah

    the class was more focussed on ‘how to take a great photo’ but i’m loving the idea of going into the philosophy of blogging – yes!

  14. Zaina

    I love your blog and would like to structure mine soon, so more light or photo that I would like you to help us build stories and themes supported yarn in the photo … I have a thousand topics you would like to focus my blog but not be as organized or where to start … I’m really a beginner and need all possible help of an expert like you! I actually a mom in three months, and parenting is a topic that undoubtedly has to be focus of my blog and my photos …
    Thank you!

  15. Bea

    Holy moly — this is like asking Bob Dylan for songwriting tips!

    I’ll second Sarah’s request for something on the Susannah Conway Blogging Philosophy — e.g. how you bring a post from a kernel of ‘ooh, this would be a Good Thing to share…’ to the final, polished piece of awesome.

    I’m all ears, love…

  16. Lisa

    How exciting! I look forward to seeing more about the downloadable book/videos!

    As far as the question: I am fascinated with all techniques, so possibly something that combines these.

  17. Liya

    i think writing would have to be up there… i always find it hard to express myself beautifully..

  18. Sandra

    writing and blogging philosophy..

  19. Angela Vular

    I absolutely love your blog…your writing style…your photography…and your fantastic unravelling course!!!! I would love to take classes on writing and photography. I am addicted to the wonderful world of blogging….don’t have a blog yet…but I would take a class if you offered it. Bring it on….I am interested in your techniques and philosophy. I think a series of courses is a fabulous idea.

  20. Kim

    I think the photography angle is what I would go for. I loved every part of your Unravelling class, I still say it was the class I got the most out of in 2009 (and I took many). Sign me up already!

  21. Roxanne

    You know that you rock, don’t you? Before encountering your blog, I rarely, if ever, used my own fotografs in my blog. You have raised the bar (which i loooove) and now, its rare the instance when I use other than my own fotografs in my blog!

    Looking at those great ‘roid shots makes me wish i’d kept my polaroid …


  22. Kate England

    Blogging Beautifully looks brilliant!

    To your question, how about offering a class on writing for your blog too? Like a sister course for Blogging Beautifully?

    Take care and good luck with Blogging Beautifully! xo

  23. nathalie

    oh this is great news, I was wondering if you would be offering a class of your own (as joining all the workshops was too expensive for me) …

    I would be very much interested in doing a photography class with you as it is not current in the blog sphere.

    Not only the techniques or tips on shooting by also the thinking behind it, i.e. telling a story visually, how to choose a theme or subject and develop it through photographs …

    pretty please :)

  24. mo

    i would be most interested in a class on blogs. i’ve been wanting to create one for a couple of years, but i don’t know quite where to start, so a class with you would be just the ticket, me thinks ;)

    thanks, and love your tweets, of course …

  25. Amisha

    Photography. I love what you do in Unravelling, maybe something in that vain for photography for blogging?

  26. sirja

    Dear Susannah,
    I was reading the above comments nodding my head vigorously :-)
    I love writing! I love taking pics! I love the new world of blogging you unconciously made me discover…
    So anything on blogging and writing and photography intertwined would be a real treat!

  27. ~mel~

    I would love to know more about taking good photos – particularly product shots, but also around the home (where I don’t have much light!).

    I feature a lot of other people’s images on my blog, so general blogging tips, hints and tricks would all be fab.


  28. Meghan

    I would LOVE to take a combo photo and writing class. LOVE that!

  29. mindy

    hmmm, that’s a hard choice as all three are very near and dear to my heart.

    i would have to say photography first, then writing, then pulling it all together in a blogging class.

    your blog is so lovely and inviting. i really love it here!

  30. elle

    Tough call. Blogging! Writing! Polaroids! I want all three. Sorry, I’m just greedy like that I guess.

    Will you run them online or in person?

    Elle x

  31. susannah

    hee! :)

    they will be 2-hour workshops you download and do/read at home

  32. angie

    If I could do a two-hour class (or series of classes) with you, the topics that would inspire me the most would be “discovery”, “self-reflection”, and”self-acknowledgement”, whether through writing or photography, perhaps a combination. You inspire me in how well you know yourself. I’d love to have that for myself.

  33. andrea

    i always look into the archives of blogs that have “made it” for example, kelly rae roberts. she started a simple blog about her day to day life and it unfolded quite by accident, it seems, into a new career for her and a book! i have taken classes with so many people that have books out or will have books out :) i am searching for the path they took to write a book. i’m seeing that it really is putting yourself out there and being honest, vulnerable but i’d also like to know the technical parts. what do you need, agents, publishers, outlines?

  34. susannah

    hello love, i have thoughts i can share about this… blog post coming soon i reckon! x

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