Mr Wobble Head

I’ve just got back home from a weekend with my sister and Mr Wobble Head, as i now call him, and oh my god, it is SO hard to be away from them. I just want to be cuddling him again and sniffing the top of his head…. I honestly don’t have words to describe how amazing that little sprout is.

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  1. charlane

    omg – sniffing their heads and nibbling their fingers and toes. that is heaven.

  2. jane

    head over heals in love can be excrutiating can’t it? And exhilarating all at once… bottle that baby smell and make millions!

  3. furiousball

    what a sweet guy, i can see why you miss him so much

    on another note, i noticed the facebook commenting isn’t working any more. i can login, but can not leave a comment after i do so

  4. susannah

    YES, that’s it – excruciatingly amazingly painfully awesome. *sigh*

  5. susannah

    Van, dunno what’s up with that – it always seems like FB is on the verge of collapse, don’t you find? ;)

  6. Lisa

    I know there may be a loss of words, but I think that photo speaks volumes. Beautiful.

  7. Liya

    There is nothing in the world like that ‘baby’ smell… Such an adorable photograph x

  8. Stacy

    Love! What a sweetie!

  9. Roxanne

    They are so painfully amazingly loveable, aren’t they? I’m afraid they also grow so darned fast!

  10. Lili

    gosh isn’t that baby smell just intoxicating!! every sunday i get to be surrounded by little ones and whenever one passes, I grab him or her and hold tight so I can breathe them in hehe. Mr. Wobble-head is so lucky to have so much love in his life. :)

  11. Miss Isabell

    you know what, I think you’ve captured that baby smell, right there in that pic! Beautiful!

  12. margie

    i always wanted to bit the babies they were so delicious. enjoy. an aunt is special.

  13. mindy

    beautiful picture.

  14. Jadyn

    Such beautiful intimacy.

  15. Carol

    Love polaroid, so touching :-)

  16. Carol

    LOVELY even :-)

  17. stacy

    devastatingly, crushingly awesome are the babies… xo

  18. Kristal

    Beautiful moment captured. I love the smell of babies. Hard to describe something so special.

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