The tiny guru

Unless Zeus himself flies down on a moonbeam into my bedroom it’s pretty unlikely this will be turning into a mommy blog any time soon, but i hope you will forgive me if i keep talking about Mr Wobble Head. If you’d been in the centre of Bath yesterday afternoon you would have witnessed me having a TOTAL love melt-down in the middle of the street as i tried in vain to say goodbye to him. I just couldn’t let him go as i sniffed and kissed his little head, the little shrimp sleeping all snuggled up in my arms. And then the tears came. My bruised heart was exploding in my chest, woken up by the tiny guru who came from my sister. I think he’s here to teach me how to love again…

And I knew i’d love him – i remember how much i loved my godchildren when they were little. I knew i’d feel protective of him – he’s family after all. But i honestly didn’t expect to fall in love with him to the point of the near-hysteria I felt yesterday.  i didn’t expect the love to be so animal, so tribal. Steve, aka Papa Bear, quipped yesterday that he loved his son so much he almost wanted to throw him against a wall, his way of expressing how powerful and physical his love is – and i feel the same. It’s the crazy love you feel inside, yet you cradle the baby so gently and carefully… all the while wanting to eat him all up with a spoon :)

After treating Noah to his first lunch at Jamie’s yesterday, the four of us dawdled through Bath giving off some powerful love vibes, evidenced by the number of people who stopped us in the street to coo over his insane cuteness. After we said goodbye i just didn’t know what to do with myself; i had full-on auntie brain and tried to return a dress i’d bought to the wrong shop (cue much embarrassment at the cash desk as the sales girl looked at me thinking i’m mad). Finally got home and moped around the flat – the baby high come-down is hard. I’m now seriously considering living in a tent in my sister’s garden, just to be close to the little man…

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  1. Stacy

    He’s so, so adorable!!

  2. christina

    I am soo happy that you have him in your life…

  3. megmanionsilliker

    we used to pass my annie around to take “hits” (read sniffs) off the top of her baby head. i so get what you’re going through!! and it’s delightful. xo

  4. furiousball

    this reminds me… i need to get my Zeus costume cleaned

  5. emily Perry

    those little ones do teach us how to love again! talk about him all you want- he is a handsome charmer, i can tell!

  6. susannah

    he so is! i just have to look at him and i’m giggling :)

  7. susannah

    so when you buying me that cappuccino, eh?

  8. Grete

    You are so so funny and this Love Story is so so touching. Is this the true meaning of the word cradle snatcher?

  9. Elizabeth

    Sweet faces and young hearts can give you this great gift of unconditional love.

  10. Camila F.

    Oh, he’s the sweetest boy ever!

  11. Susan

    Really lovely & I love that you took him out & about early to a restaurant. Now, about Zeus-in-his-costume…I’m liking this. I hope this isn’t just a tease. Listen, Zeus-wannabe: don’t blow this–get moving.

    I know, I know: Americans are so bossy. I just cannot help myself. ciao, kids.

  12. denise

    oh this made me so teary. i love hearing your love story with mr. wobble head. its melty to the heart sweetness. he has special gifts and i have chills that one of them is that he is teaching his auntie to love again. *sigh* he is dreamy.

  13. denise

    p.s. oh and i don’t mind if this turns into an auntie blog. ; ) i could never tire of that scrumptious face and stories about him. it would be a groovy auntie blog!

  14. mindy

    he is an absolute doll. very very handsome.

    it’s so crazy how much we are capable of loving another human being. i am awed by it.

    i totally vote for the tent in the back yard!! i’m sure your sister would LOVE that ;)

  15. Michelle

    The power of baby love is amazing!

  16. Jan's camera

    So sweet. It brings out a part of you that you didn’t know existed. Enjoy!

  17. Juliana

    Aw Sus–love the love punch to the gut. I am really beyond happy for you and yours.
    It made me think of a Rumi line:
    “When I am with you, we stay up all night.
    When you’re not here, I can’t go to sleep.
    Praise God for those two insomnias!
    And the difference between them.”

  18. Walter Helena Photography

    Thank you for creating such a lovely space : )

  19. lauren

    hello–my comment isn’t directly related to this post. I just “discovered” your blog today, and am very touched by your photography and writing. Still looking through various old posts, and also thinking about your unravelling e-course later. Best wishes

  20. Barbara

    This baby is way too cute!!

  21. susannah

    hello Lauren! x

  22. kerri

    i am so glad you’re in love! :)
    what a lucky little nephew you have to be showered with all that love and attention-

  23. Jenny

    Oh *squee* he’s so cuuuute :D I miss the days of tiny fingers and baby farts LMAO


  24. susannah

    baby farts are *hilarious* :)

  25. Kathy

    Oh Susannah, your post made me teary. It really is like that the overwhelming love a baby brings. Your sister lives in Bath? I hope she does. Babies need their aunties to spoil them with all that love and mummas need their sisters close to share this joy with. I wish my sisters lived closer :)

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