The Weekly Wobble

I know, I know. More Mr Wobble Head. But I’ve decided to just go with my need to rave about Noah and share the photos that make me giggle like a schoolgirl. Like all mothers and aunties before me I am, of course, convinced he is a healing angel baby sent from heaven :) I don’t get to see him as often as i’d like, so today’s shots were captured by his mummy.

And thank you so much for all your lovely comments on the last post – it was such a relief to be able to tell you about the book! Honestly, it was starting to block my ability to write blog posts, having all this exciting stuff happening behind the scenes. (I’m really crap at keeping my own secrets.) There were a couple of excellent questions in the comments that i’m going to answer in blog posts soon, so stay tuned for that… I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Love from Auntie Sus x

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  1. Lulu

    He is an absolute darling, I love the name Noah! Your blog is gorgeous! x

  2. charlane

    i can see how the promise not to spill the beans would block up the blog. so glad you could share it…and so glad to see mr. wobble.

    i love being an auntie too

  3. Jackie

    Don’t apologize for the too cute photos of Mr Wobble Head. I smile everytime I see them. I am not a mother and I completely understand the feelings you describe about your nephew. I felt the same way about my niece and nephew when they were born. And at 4 and 2 years of age, I still can’t get enough of them. As a special lover of babies and a person who does not believe that all babies are cute (loveable but not necessarily cute) I have to say that your fella is indeed one of the sweetest babies I have ever seen. Enjoy!!

  4. wakako

    Hi Suzannah,
    Your baby post makes me giggle too. I am days away from becoming a mom but the idea is still kind of abstract… so reading your post about your adorable nephew brings some more concrete picture in my head… thanks for sharing.

  5. susannah

    oh wow, good luck hon!!!

  6. susannah

    thank you for saying that, Jackie, that means a lot. and yes, he really is ridiculously cute, isn’t he – it’s those little apple cheeks and his funny frown.. and his rosebud lips… and .. and… *sigh*

  7. Christine

    I’ve just become an auntie and can’t wait to meet my nephew on Monday. Noah is gorgeous!

  8. Roxanne

    My, how he has grown! And, of course, he is a heartbreaker!

  9. Sarah

    Oh oh oh he is filling out ..what a doll baby…just love them. I love that age when they are just cuddly and sweet! Blog away hon..there is nothing more wonderful than a proud Auntie!!
    I posted kiddo pics this weekend too..but my sweet baby is 18 … but just as beautiful to me!! Enjoy hon, Sarah

  10. Andrea

    He’s sooo cute! I totally enjoy your showing him off here – gives me a smile every time I see him. :)

  11. Nicola

    The hammock pic is gorgeous! And I love his little furrowed brow in the second shot. How adorable.

  12. susannah

    hee – monkey forehead wrinkles!

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