Me & the boy

Hi. It’s Auntie Susie. I had a really great post planned, and then my sister sent me this photo. And now I have lost the ability to type in coherent sentences…. Wobble is a heart-melter. Oh. My. Stars.

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  1. Milena Widdowson

    Oh Susannah, there is such love in this shot, what a very special memory. I think Wobble has a mischievous sparkle in his eyes and he looks so content to be in your arms:)

  2. jane

    he has got the “i got this woman wrapped around my little finger” smile on!

    this is beautiful and he is HANDSOME!

  3. Francesca

    Wow! The picture is too cute for words .-)

  4. Carol

    Beautiful shot of you both :-)

  5. susannah

    ha! you are so right! :)

  6. erin

    What a cutie.

  7. Lisa

    Absolutely, adorably beautiful – the photo and both of you.

  8. Kathryn

    OMGosh is that a wonderful photo!!

  9. Zarina

    Simply Beautiful!!!!

  10. Andrea

    Sweet shot of you two – it’s most definitely love!

  11. Serinissima

    this is the most beautiful shot of you, you’ve got that quiet moment of bliss on your face, the one born of pure love. I know that one, enjoy…

  12. charlane

    oh yes….yes. he is

  13. kathleen

    One word: GORGEOUS!

  14. Ingrid

    You both look gorgeous in this shot, Susannah!

  15. Selma

    I cannot believe how adorable he is. What a little darling. Awww.

  16. Donna Rosser

    He is adorable! Awesome photo.

  17. Yuki Murai

    He’s precious. And you’re just gorgeous in this photo.

  18. doorways traveler

    i think this is my favorite photo of you EVER. he’s unravelled you, love. and it is so beautiful to see.

  19. Karen D

    What a tender picture this is, really lovely

  20. furiousball

    what a sweet guy and what a hot aunt!

  21. geisslein

    a perfect picture, a beautiful post! have a lovely day today!

  22. Angela Vular

    What a gorgeous photograph. It oozes LOVE! You should mat and frame it. It would look lovely in your new place.

  23. and flowers pick themselves

    oh, those eyes! beautiful.

    xo Alison

  24. stacy

    you’re both heart melters! xo

  25. Kathryn

    You both look lovely here.

  26. Marianne

    I think that might be the most beautiful photo I’ve ever seen of you – and that’s saying a lot. xx

  27. sirja

    Absolutely incredibly tooooo cute!
    You’re beautiful and the little guy looks as if he has just found the best place on earth. Absolute harmony.

  28. susannah

    aw, thanks honey – it’s the reflected Wobblisation :)

  29. mindy

    oh. my. goodness. this is the most adorable picture! and look at those kissy cheeks!

  30. brittany

    this is a seriously beautiful photo. I never see you at this angle and it’s lovely. What a sweetie he is; he looks very kissable.

  31. Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

    You look SO beautiful…

  32. lauren martin gauthier

    wow. there are not words big or sweet or warm or lovely enough to describe the beauty of this picture, this moment.

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