Monday’s inspiration mojo

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  1. Carmela

    Unless a text to my husband begging for McDonald’s counts…um, no.

    (Psst. I found you through Mocking Bird, I heart your blog)

  2. Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists

    Loving this photo and heading over to Bindu’s blog right now.

    You’ve been inspiring this new reader, Susannah.

  3. Nicole | Blue Bicicletta

    Great interview! Panic is also an integral part of my creative process! Your description is right on!

  4. Josefina

    You totally rocked the interview…I love, love your accent! xoxo

  5. Shannon

    Almost every day… not all on the blog. Your video was great! What a treat :)

  6. Barbara

    So lovely!!

  7. margie

    almost. almost is better than never. sometimes beats not at all!!

  8. Amy

    Love the video!! What mind mapping software do you use?

  9. Selma

    I enjoyed your video. You are very articulate and look great on camera. Inspiring stuff.

  10. susannah

    hi Amy! i use MindNode:

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