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  1. Mel

    SF houses are just wonderful. Love it.

    You are going to have so much fun in London. :)

  2. Marthe

    I love the fact that you are thinking only about London! I am too! :) Just hope I’m able to participate and live when I’m in London, because as it seems right now, I’ll be living on a tight student budget. *manifesting*

  3. charlane

    i want a house like that in the country. surrounded by fields of wild flowers and trees with flowing spanish moss. i want a big wooly dog and perhaps a pony (or two). i want a small patch of veg and a wooden split rail fence. and of course, a hot guy to share it will (if i dream, i’m going to dream big!)

    i love dreaming

  4. Kerstin

    I can already see myself swooning even more over your blog once you are in London! Columbia Rd Market brings back so many fond memories, even just thinking about it makes me feel rather nostalgic. When I was going through a painful break-up all those years ago going to the flower market EVERY Sunday was one of my saving rituals. Make sure you try the bagels from Jones Cafe. Kxo

  5. Beth

    I wonder what the people who live in that house are like? Love San Francisco

  6. susannah

    I like to imagine that they are really creative lovely people :)

  7. Lisa H.

    I married an Englishman, and spent 2 years living just outside London while awaiting his spouse visa. I absolutely adore London, and we would still be there if everything didn’t cost exactly double what it costs here. The shopping is amazing, and there is so much to see and do! Drink in everything there is, delight in the experience and appreciate the subtle differences. Have fun!

  8. Barbara

    Love San Francisco! have a nice weekend

  9. Katarina

    I’m thinking about doing Living in my world in September. I’ve really enjoyed part 1 last autumn, so it’s gonna be my Unravelling anniversary treat! Oh yes.
    p.s. now that’s what I call a house.

  10. MaryBeth

    I sure hope Precious Mr Wobble lives very close by, to this amazing City.

  11. state of sunday

    i am moving to london in 2 weeks so the Londonist is exactly what i need – thanks for sharing!

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