The Weekly Wobble

[Wobble nudity captured by his mummy]

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  1. Amelia

    hey there – are you being told something? one of your own maybe? ;)


  2. susannah

    LOL! maybe one day ;-)

  3. Katherine

    the wobble boogie…in wobblevision…love it!

  4. melissa Piccola

    he just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

  5. charlane

    oh they are so yummy at that age…so yummy. i still have a picture on my mantle of my oldest nephew wearing a onesie that proclaims “I *heart* Aunt Lanie” … and he’s 15. He hates it. LOL but I think he’s secretly happy…I know I love it.

  6. Jo

    You nutter :) He’s so handsome already! And changing so fast. See you Fruday, Mr Wobblehead!

  7. Jo

    Er..Friday. Irritable Vowel Syndrome. Sorry.

  8. Liz C.

    Is there anything more fun than two sisters and a baby?:) Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. greenink

    He is so cute, I agree with the above comment that he gets cuter and cuter!

  10. melissa

    beautiful. all of you. i could feel the love…it danced off of the screen. thank you for sharing your heart in so many exquisite ways.

  11. rachel

    oh he is so perfect!

  12. Chris

    Oh, he is gorgeous. So are you and your sister. Good genes in that family. Take care of each other!

  13. Angela Vular

    His is adorable. It was so sweet to watch you and your sister with Noah. I was smiling the whole time!!! Thanks for bringing some sunshine to this otherwise dreary day.

  14. Jennifer in SF

    Thank you so much! That was fab – he is so very, very cute and seeing you and your sister with him just made my day.
    Funny about baby head. There is nothing in this world like that smell. When my friend Portia was expecting, I kept telling her that I couldn’t wait – I missed baby head. :-)

  15. Brooke

    Wow, Susannah, that video says it all! You two look like you’re having loads and loads of fun with him and with each other. :)

  16. jan

    I couldn’t stop watching – he’s just gorgeous and so is the video! So much love surrounding him, just beautiful.

  17. Sarah

    loving the flamenco dancer onesie!

  18. bella

    wobblevision & wobletv are taken, darn.
    he is a handsome little man. xo

  19. Andrea

    What a cutie-pie, he is! Seeing you all like this today totally brightened my day right up! I’m going to mark this post so I can re-visit it whenever I need a bit of Wobble therapy :)

  20. Jillian

    You’re glowing, Susannah!

  21. Michelle Shopped

    love the donald trump “do!” he’s a sweetie and it’s a treat to see you so smitten!

  22. boho girl

    oh my cuteness.

    how i loved seeing you and your sis together LIVE and all deliriously happy loving on Mr. Wobblehead. you three are SO fracken cute together. i could have sat here and watched it all day.

    he is so precious. i just want to smell him and chew on his cheeks and nuzzle my nose into his neck.

    you and your sis are GORGEOUS.

  23. susannah

    i did chew on his cheeks a bit yesterday… and i nibbled his ears too :-D

  24. Kristy

    Adorable! I’m still smiling : )

  25. Roxanne

    So sweet.

  26. steve birkbeck

    Hey Sis, chuckletastic video, Mr Wobblehead on form as usual. Just a thought, how about spending a day and night over here once a week, bring your laptop and work here, give you more head smelling time! to be honest this was Mr Wobbleheads idea, he misses you soooooo much, BIG LOVE Pappa bear xxx

  27. susannah

    ohhhhh *sniff* i miss him toooo! tell him i am coming to stay next weekend!

  28. sas

    he is very stoic in the face of Aunt-based hilarity.
    that frown is priceless.

    and the dancing? awesome practice for that career he has ahead of him.


  29. mindy

    what an absolute sweetie pie! i love love love his little onesies. they were always my favorite outfit for my boys. they look so cute in them!

  30. Stacy

    What a sweet little soul!! Love Wobble photos!

  31. mau

    he’s precious! and i love his clothes!

  32. stacy

    complete. awesomeness.

  33. stacy

    i so wish our wobbleheads could get together and, you know, wobble heads. xo

  34. susannah

    i know! can you imagine it? i think i would die with love and laughter :)

  35. Steph

    I am sitting here laughing to tears… bloody hell that poor little baby with those crazy women!! Look at his face… rescue me! No, really Sus, you’re obviously having a good time and… you know… you could always have one all to yourself, you know? You don’t need a guy to have a baby! Well… not for the most obvious thing but then you’re free! You and the baby!

  36. Christine

    wonderfully cute and delish….he is filling out and looking beyond adorbsable!

  37. susannah

    Ha! I honestly don’t feel broody at all- I just love wobble and want to spend lots of time with him. But my books are my babies- that is enough for me for now :)

  38. doorways traveler

    you + baby talk= mad love.


  39. Michelle

    that video is so amazing – love it! you must have watched it 1000 times I know I would have!

  40. susannah

    how did you know? :-D

  41. Alexandra

    Can one giggle and tear up with joy all at once? I can. This is precious! When he is all grown up he will be so glad you saved all of this for posterity. You never cease to amaze me with all the exquisite was you show and share your heart with all of us. Thank you<3 xoxo <3

  42. Marnie_Briceno

    that video almost killed me! thanks for sharing, he is lovely. :)

  43. Jan's camera

    He is so beautiful.

  44. Jan's camera

    I just read all of the comments. Is there a video here? I can’t see it here. I agree with Liz C. ‘is anything more fun than two sisters and a baby’. I have enjoyed my sister’s two kids for 16 years now. The oldest boy is 16 and the younger one is 9 and I am enjoying every last kid moment that I can. It has been wonderful being their auntie. Love, Auntie Jan.

  45. susannah

    hi Auntie Jan, yes, there is a video at the end of the post – it’s me introducing Wobble to you all, and his mum makes an appearance too :)

    being an auntie is the BEST

  46. Megan

    That was the best Auntie-Love video EVER! I have been a love-filled aunt for 18 years now… 6 of them. 2 girls and 4 boys. + about 5 other psudo-auntie positions.

    You can tell how much you love him! It’s just beautiful!

  47. Jan's camera

    So funny. That was adorable. He is lovely. He really enjoyed the dance.

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