The Weekly Wobble

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  1. Mel

    Love the Wobble Shirt. Cutey pie, time to incorporate him into a fairytale.

  2. wakako

    oh my goodness…. can he be any cuter?? His eyes are amazing… just melts everything away.

  3. melissa Piccola

    melt my heart…so cute!

  4. Andrea

    I was wondering about your little Wobble earlier today & just love these pics of him in his “Wobble” shirt – too cute! I can’t believe how big he’s getting already!

  5. susannah

    i know – he’s growing so fast, right before my eyes!

  6. mau

    he’s ridiculously good looking already! i don’t blame you for loving him so much…what is there not to love? kiss him for me!

  7. Neil

    Those eyes, so intense!

  8. charlane

    so cute – and your expression is so cute making cooing noises to make him smile

  9. jane

    Mr. Wobble!!! So adorable. I always look forward to these weekend pics.

  10. Jo

    I can’t believe how much he’s grown in just a couple of weeks!!! Unbelievably cute.

  11. Victoria

    I know it has been said before, but those eyes really are amazing. An old soul, for sure.

  12. susannah

    totally :) x

  13. Marnie_Briceno

    that kid is unbelievable. :)

  14. Samantha

    What a cutie! Also I love that wallpaper? curtain? in the background of that last photo :)

  15. susannah

    that’s the wallpaper in my sister’s spare room – lovely, isn’t it? she bought it in John Lewis:

  16. steve birkbeck

    Wobbletastic pics Suze, the wallpaper pattern is Dandelion, the colour, chaffinch. thanks for all the lovely comments about the Butter bean, big love Pappa Bear x

  17. Ruth

    He is so sweet and he seems to be such a content little soul. :)

  18. Jan's camera

    Oh, my, he is so beautiful. Lucky auntie.

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