Rolling with the moment

So I came back from Marrakesh with “tummy troubles” (understatement of the century) that lasted over two weeks. NOT fun. After a really fantastic few days rummaging through the souks, we endured the plane-ride-from-hell to get us back to England. The plan had been to look for – and hopefully secure – a new flat in London before returning to Bath, but I felt so bad I decided to come home early.

However, what started as disappointment soon turned into understanding – when looking for a new home in Bath back in 2008 I was looking for confirmation that I was making the right move; the signs came, I found a home easily and the move happened. This time I was hoping for the same – I was so sure of the rightness of this move. And of course the signs came, and they said, in no uncertain terms: this isn’t the right time.

The first clue was the Moroccan detox. Then a few days after returning home I received two phone calls that confirmed I’d made the right decision: the first was from the only estate agent I’d been able to visit. He told me that the renting market is in a bad way right now and that I’d need at least a month and a half to find somewhere decent, maybe more. Oh, and rents had gone up 20% from last year.

The second call was from my current landlord offering to re-carpet my entire flat, something I’d been asking him to do since the day I moved in; 18 months later I got my wish. So it looks like I will be getting a new space after all, just not in the city I’d imagined….not yet, anyway. The move is on hold until all my book deadlines have been met in the new year (I’ve promised myself a few weekends in London to tide me over till then.)

It’s all good.

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  1. Jude

    You’re wise to heed the signs! I learned (the hard way) to be mindful of those things :)

  2. Lisa

    You’ll know when it’s right.
    Make mine a double (chocolate)!!!!

  3. Melissa Buchanan

    I don’t know why – but I’m happy you are staying in Bath, for a while longer anyway. Probably because I want to live there myself, haha! :)
    There are a few (many) things I want desperately, and want them now. But I know I need to be patient. Waiting for the right timing has benefits we can never anticipate.

  4. Jakki

    so sorry for your condition :-)

  5. Melissa

    Just had to pop in to say I love that photograph so much…the colors and textures are divine. I am so inspiried by that style…now if only I could incorporate it into my life…that’s another story!

  6. Barbara

    hope everything is better now!!
    i’m so excited about the august break :)

  7. ArtsyMama

    I can’t seem to get on the master roll.
    I’m on board!

  8. Amiable Peculiarities

    Yey! Glad things are all happening for a reason for you – and it sounds like a good reason!

  9. Traci

    Our own intuition is our greatest and most powerful tool. Kudos to you for listening to it! You’ll know the right time when it comes. In the meantime, I hope your remaining weeks in Bath are productive and fulfilling!

  10. kristen

    you gotta go with the signs…same thing with this move to los angeles, we thought about it and everything fell right into place. it was the right time. and you’ll know when it’s yours. x

  11. Eva / Sycamore Street Press

    Sounds like you made the right decision. You can feel when things are being forced, and if you insist on forcing them, things never turn out well. I’m sure you’ll be glad that you postponed the move…have fun on those weekends in the mean time!

  12. Tammy

    Hope you’re feeling better. Oh how I wish I could visit England and see all the wonderful places my online friends talk about. Oh well, I do have Chicago :) Namaste…

  13. Julie

    I’ve been a professional rolling with the moment hippy for about 3 years now? Today we have news that the temp job ends on the 13th that keeps us here. Terminated. Bye bye! We will leave the West Coast…travel back cross country and go live in Detroit again..

    Then, ten minutes later, they walk in and say: “we are opening a job we will give you on the 14th until next June.”

    Been a dizzy day with the whole rolling concept here.

    I empathize with you sincerely Susannah. Really I do.

    Please tell us you are feeling better?

  14. Bonnie

    cheers to chocolate!!! that august break couldn’t come fast enough! :)



  15. Swirly

    Bravo for you for trusting that process!

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