The first rule of Fight Club

You know, when I wrote yesterday’s blog post I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to join me, which is why i didn’t put a Mister Linky gadget on the blog to automate the blogroll sign ups – I thought it would look sad if it was sat there empty. How wrong was I?! I am SO happy so many of you want to try the experiment – I think it’s going to be fun!

For me this won’t be a month of making “amazing photos” – it’ll simply be a way to record an intensely creative month in a mindful way; there’s a very good chance I’ll end up posting 31 snaps of my laptop as that’s where I’ll be all day, but i hope to mix it up and get out the house once in a while!

Some more thoughts:

1. The first rule of Fight Club the August break is that there are NO RULES. In other words, if you want to post a few photos rather than just one, or you wish to share a few words, or write a regular post, or leave a week out altogether – great! I know I’ll be freestyling too.

2. Use whatever camera you like. I’ll probably use my iPhone most days – as all my Polaroids are being squirreled away for the book(s), I’m really enjoying the zen of using my phone. And as I want August to be all about the words, it makes sense to use the simplest camera I own.

3. On that note, if you’ll be using your iPhone too, check out these apps – Hipstamatic, PS Mobile, Best Camera, Camera +, Perfect Photo, Monochromia

4. I’m sensing our month of few words needs wordless comments too, just like we did on this post. Maybe not every day – this is a great opportunity to get to know other bloggers so comments are encouraged! – but just so you know: smiley faces as comments are very welcome here in August :D

5. I’ve started a Flickr group for our experiment, so if you’d like to add your daily photos, and chat to other participants, you can. It’s a public group so anyone can join – all you need is a Flickr account (instructions on how to set one up (it’s free) are in my FAQ)

[I slipped on my Unraveller-in-chief hat then – ha!]

6. Other mindful things to try in August: Marianne’s fabulous 30 days of yoga; Unclutterer’s Thing-A-Day challenge – deeply digging both of these.

7. And lastly, there’s no requirement to ‘join’ this bit of fun, but obviously if you’d like to be on the blogroll please do leave a comment at any time and I will add you. And don’t feel obliged to add the badge to your blog, but blog bling is fun, so it’s there if you want it.

Here’s a new version of the code, as I know some were having problems with the code I shared yesterday:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>
<img src=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ border=”0″ /></a>

(Samantha shared another way to get the badge on your blog in this post – thanks, love!)

Okay! We have T-minus 9 days to get all our words blogged out before we slide into a mindfully recorded August… I can’t bloody wait!

87 responses
  1. Kadence Englehardt

    All signed up :)

  2. Brigitte

    I’m in!

  3. k8et

    I’m game! I was worried I wouldn’t be allowed to have a written blog post if I needed/wanted to :P LOL! AND I’ll do A Thing A Day as well. (My goal will be to photograph what I get rid of, but since there are no rules I may not stick that closely to it!)

  4. susannah

    hee! no rules, baby – let’s freestyle! :D

  5. melissa

    This is going to be fun! What a great response you’ve gotten!

  6. kelley kelley

    freestyling flickr style :)

  7. Baraginie

    Great idea! I am in too!

  8. rachel

    So excited about this! Fab fab fab :D xx

  9. Jenn H

    Sounds like fun! I would love to participate!

  10. barbara

    this is going to be fun!!!

  11. Charlane Killough Griffith

    freestylin’….i’m all about freestylin’ then. especially with iphones. :)

  12. Kimberly

    giddy like a school girl about this! Hee hee!

  13. Andrea

    It’s nice to be invovled in something like this. Such a lovely idea.

  14. Sarah

    So excited Susannah…I soooo need a break from stuff for a bit..thank you!! Hugs, Sarah

  15. Catherine

    I’m still thinking about joining in, but it isn’t summer here. Which means it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home – makes photos difficult.
    At least I will be able to enjoy seeing yours.

  16. Carrie

    I’m soo in! :) August is my favorite month after all.

  17. Wendy

    I’m in!

  18. Kate

    Awesome! I’m in! :)

    Kate x

  19. Barbara


  20. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos

    This looks like fun – I’d love to be added to the blogroll. Ramblings and Photos:

    I’m also your newest follower!

  21. Jessica

    i would LOVE to join in please!

  22. Elizabeth Scott

    I’m in! Already have my badge up!

  23. Yolanda

    I’m in!!

  24. Hannah

    I’m definitely in. This is exactly perfect for me right now :)

  25. Melissa Buchanan

    I am very excited – as if my email didn’t make that clear. :)
    And oh boy, I am hanging to get an iPhone – waiting for version 4 down here in Aus.

  26. Melanie Orndorff

    Oooh! Sounds like just what I need! I’ve got my blog badge up, I joined the Flickr group, and I’m ready to play.

  27. Jude

    Oh gosh, I can’t believe how excited I’m getting about this! :)

  28. Sandie

    This sounds fun, fun, fun!! I love the idea of freestyle. I have added the blog badge and joined facebook…. ready and raring to go!

  29. Pam K

    LOVE the “un”rules! I can’t wait to get started.

  30. Milena Widdowson

    Thank you for this, what a fab idea. Can’t wait to start xxx

  31. em

    Have you seen shuttercal? Its a photo-a-day diary kind of thing…….(I have been doing it since the beginning of the year {} – I shall be using this project to try and get me sharing my shuttercal images a little more.)

  32. Molly

    I discovered this wonderful monthly focus by way of my sister-in-law (thanks, Liz!) and think it is a great concept. Even though I will be starting back to school in August, I hope to find the time to take part.

  33. Lili

    Oh Susannah I’ll definitely be joining in. I’ve been feeling a bit of withdrawal from assigned photo-taking (it’s not quite the same as leisurely snapping) ever since Unravelling2 ended!


  34. Karen D

    I am in! Can you add me to the blogroll”
    Journey to Spirit through Art and Creativity

    Karen D

  35. candace

    I want to come play!

  36. Courtney

    I love this idea and am so excited to participate! Thank you Susannah.

  37. Katarina

    funny that I’ve read your yesterday post a few minutes after posting about taking a break for the rest of the summer myself…:)
    I think I’m not the only one who hasn’t started enjoying their summer properly yet. I’m looking forward to it.

  38. justine Gordon

    I’m confused and new to blogging and flickr, I’ve just opened a flickr account so do I post the photos there AND on my blog? sorry, this may seem a really silly question

  39. susannah

    If you want to, absolutely. but you don’t have to :) When i post a photo on my blog i usually add it to my Flickr page too as i like to have all my photos in one place. I created the Flickr group because i knew some of us would want to share there too – that way the photos are all grouped together, plus we have the added bonus of the Flickr group’s discussion board for chats :)

  40. Lauren @ TheUrbanHippie

    Yay! I’m totally in! Feel free to add me to the list.

    xo, lauren,

  41. Jakki

    this is great…exactly what i needed, LOL…

  42. sparker (sara)

    i’m in! i already commented on the other post, but switched blog addresses in the meantime, so here’s the new one

    i haven’t been good about taking pics, i’m hoping this’ll get me in the habit. :)

  43. susannah

    which address will you be using, love?

  44. annie

    i’m in…yay!

  45. Bev Baird

    I would love to join in! This is one project I have been meaning to complete for 101 in 1001!

  46. jenny

    hmmm..sounds intriguing..sort of confused as this is the first blog post of yours I have read, so I must back track…will return!

  47. Heidi Reinhardt

    Such a wonderful idea… I’m in!

  48. stephanie caldwell

    oh so wonderful! i’ll be joining in too. i’m looking forward to browsing that blogroll when i get the time.

  49. Denise

    This is exciting! Please count me in! :D

  50. Kim Mills

    I’m in! Love the idea!

  51. Angela Van't Land

    I’m in, but I can’t get the badge code to work. :(

  52. wakako

    I am looking forward to the lovely opportunity to capture some summer moments.

  53. Christine (spiral bound)

    Joined up! I plan on being a fairly lazy member, since August is my break from school, but I’m looking forward to having this reminder to pay attention. And I’m looking forward to seeing every one else’s August views too.

    I’m not sure if I get added automatically to the blogroll or not but either way, this is where I’m found:

  54. Brooke

    I’m in. Add me to the blogroll! This goes along perfectly with what I’ve already been thinking. :)

  55. beth

    i think i signed up already….?…..i hope so :)

  56. alison

    i did “habit” in july. i’d love to continue “august break” with your community susannah. thank you for this. my link:


  57. Gwyn

    LOVE everything about this, fight club reference esp :-) I am new to blogging, but was thinking of doing a photo a day anyhow to get myself accustomed to the routine. I will still be writing, but will take your challenge as well! Thanks.

  58. Kim Mills

    For some reason I cannot add the badge to my wordpress site? Everytime I do it removes other items? I really want to add it… :(

  59. susannah

    Hi Kim, a few people have been having the same problmem with WordPress – i honestly don’t know what to suggest :(

    does anyone have any ideas?

  60. Gina

    What a great idea for August! No rules or pressure! I’m in!!

  61. Rochelle

    Wow – have you hit a nerve or what Susannah? Please count me in at:

    Also, I followed Samantha’s advice on adding the button, by saving as a photo, and that worked BUT the link to “the-august-break-2010” didn’t take me to your post so I changed it to “…/would-you-like-to-join-me/ and that brought me to your original post. Thanks for doing this!

  62. Rochelle

    Oops – nevermind! I retried using your page titled “the-august-break-2010” in my link and it worked this time – yay!

  63. Angela Vular

    Okay, I joined the Flickr group…don’t have a blog but can’t wait to freestyle! I am also decluttering. Perfect timing! Hope you have a productive month writing.

  64. Bonnie

    a break sounds wonderful, count me in!!


  65. Graciel

    i’m in, brave woman!!

    xo, graciel

  66. Alexis

    I’m in!!

  67. Photojourneyling

    I’m in ! So much fun and pleasure ahead ;o)

    The blog adress is :


  68. Jeannine

    This sounds like such fun! I’m in!

  69. tricia

    love this idea! count me in. :)

  70. cindy

    i’m signed up and will mention it on our blog tomorrow!

  71. kathi crosby

    I’m game. August, a month of photos.

  72. Ken O'Dwyer

    I’m in :D

  73. Jenny

    I’m in. Looking forward to it. Great idea.

  74. ArtfulMagpie

    Okay, after hemming and hawing a bit, I decided to go for it. I added my badge to the blog, joined the Flickr group…could I be added to the blogroll? Please and thank you!

  75. Yuki Murai

    Made it in the nick of time? I’d love to be a part of your gorgeous project, Susannah! Thank you so much.

  76. Rhonda

    Not sure why my comments are not being posted. Oh bother…I must be doing everything wrong tonight!
    Could you add me to the blogroll?
    And maybe tomorrow I will figure out how to add the badge to my blog? Because this evening NOTHING seems to be working.
    Tomorrow will be a better day…I’m sure of it.

  77. sarah stowers

    *waves hand in air*

    Add me, too! Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this. :)

  78. mrsmediocrity

    I have been going back and forth about this all week, because I just know I am going to want to write words some of the time, but heck, no rules, right? I would love to join the fun!

  79. kelly

    Yes, please count me in!

    Do you need more info to add me to the blogroll, or do I simply need to comment? Thanks!

  80. Lubna

    I’ll join the Flickr group, hope that is fine.

  81. Lubna

    Sorry, forgot to add, On Flickr I go by the name of dustyshoes

  82. Pauline Sargent

    Just found this today (via Redmum) & delighted. Would love to take part. Always taking photos on the iphone & August is birthday month for me, so thought this woul dbe a cool thing to do. Have joined the flickr account & really excited. Thanks :D

  83. lola england

    It sounds like the perfect wrap up to summer! I am in!

  84. Annalisa

    I’ve been wanting to do a photo a day for a long time! I’m in.

  85. Lacey

    Just did my first AB post! Hope it’s OK that I’m a few days late. :) Lovely idea!

  86. Kelly Johnston

    I just found out about August Break & I’m jumping on board! Great idea – just my speed this month . . .

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