The Weekly Wobble

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  1. Donna

    Yay – wobble video!! Still as cute as ever!

  2. Laura

    Your little nephew is adorable and thank you for your blog, I love it xo

  3. wakako

    ow… so sweet and precious… i can’t wait for my little one to be as animated as the little wabble:)


  4. Mel

    Oh, my goodness, cute overload. Makes me so broody.

  5. Miss Isabell


  6. Emma Bradshaw

    go wobble, go wobble, go wobble x

  7. MaryBeth

    what a swimmer!! Ive seen videos of year old Be Be’s swimming under water,though Ive never known a mommy who has tried it . Precious kisses and gentle hugs

  8. Catalina

    This is SO beautiful and lovely!!!!! (still wanting to eat him!)

    but…I guess he finds this lovely people so “strange” doing those strange sounds, I guess he giggles just to make you laugh but he is worry….hahahahahaha!


    Thank for sharing all this love!

  9. mav

    oh!!! xx

  10. Jude

    So darn cute – I love how babies take such obvious delight in the world! And what is that bath thingie he’s in? That’s great too!

  11. susannah

    i’ll ask my sister where she got that bath thingie – it’s so great!

  12. janet in nc

    he is the happiest little cutie patootie! love his onesie, reminded me of one my little (now 9 year old) son had, same color but just said, got milk? enjoy, they grow up so fast!

  13. Catherine Just

    ok that made me smile and smile. And I’m still smiling!

  14. Jude

    Thanks so much!!

  15. Rhianne

    Oh my, he is just gorgeous! :)

  16. Gina D

    Oh my goodness! I love your little wobble man! He is so cute and so squirmy! I think its funny that we adults make the funniest noises and the little ones go crazy!! It makes me giggle! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Andrea

    I love a baby’s ability to turn the most ‘adult’ of people into blithering idiots, making funny faces and sounds to illicit smiles & laughs. It’s wonderful magic! :D

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