Would you like to join me?

I need to take a break. August is pencilled in for book-writing madness, and I know i won’t have many words left over for this space, so I’m thinking of trying an experiment. I’ve always been inspired by Darlene’s December Views project, where blogging participants let their photos do the talking for the whole of the month, so I’ve decided I need some of that for August.

Would you like to join me?

The (loose & very adaptable) plan would be to simply share one photo per day on your blog – Monday to Friday, or every day. Or whenever you want. Using any camera – DSLR, compact, Polaroid, Holga, iPhone (my choice), Instax, 35mm, video – with or without words – anything goes – for the whole of August. No pressure –  just looking at August through your camera lens as a way to be more present this summer. And to have a little break from the pressures and expectations of regular blogging.

What do you think?

The August Break | SusannahConway.com

I’ve been racking my brain this morning trying to think of a suitably jazzy name for the experiment but all I can come up with is ‘the August break’ so that’s what i’m going with :)

So if you’d like to play along leave a comment with your name and blog address and I’ll add your link to a blogroll of participants so we can all visit each other throughout the month.

You wanna play? Spread the word – it’ll be like a blogging summer camp!

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  1. Kimberly

    OK I’m a little slow… how do I add the badge to my blog on blogspot?

  2. susannah

    apparently there might be an issue with the badge link on blogger blogs – the quote marks ” ” in the code seems to double up in blogger – have a look at the code and see if that has happened, and then try deleting the extra “s…. I’ll try to come up with another plan if i can :)

  3. susannah

    BUT if you haven’t got to that stage yet, i don’t know – how DO you add badges to a Blogger blog? anyone?

  4. effie

    count me in!

  5. Andrea

    Hello, yes please I would love to join in :)

  6. em

    I would love to join in. Please add me to the list. Em. xo

  7. jenn r {goodmunki}

    susannah…same for wordpress, but i just deleted those extra quotation, as you said, and perfecto! mustachio! {sorry, don’t know why that popped out!}

  8. cathie

    A great idea = I’m also ready to join in your photo party.

  9. barbara

    i´m in… will be a rest for my drawings….

  10. Irma

    Great idea.
    Love to join you.

    Greetings Irma.


  11. Alexandra

    Great idea! I have been so busy enjoying these summer days that I’ve been neglecting my blog. This is a great way to keep it up and ease back in to regular blogging. I’m in!

  12. Barbara

    Count me in!! that looks like a nice idea!! will try to post as much as possible!!
    do we need to place the banner?? how should I do it??



  13. Liz C.

    I LOVE this idea!! Definitely count me in:)

  14. Barb Lawrence

    I’m in! I’d better get my laptop fixed so I can upload pics. This is good incentive.

  15. pamela

    I’ll play! I don’t blog as much as I should just because of the pressure to keep up with all the other awesome bloggers. This is a perfect way to end the summer and hopefully get inspired!

  16. Mallory Dowd

    I would love to participate! Please count me in!

  17. Wendy

    Count me in. What a gentle way to come down off the Unraveling class high. A month long weaning.

  18. Wendy

    http:wendysredteapotdiary.blogspot.com might be helpful.

  19. barbraziemer

    hi susannah! i would love to participate. please let me know if there is room for one more… barb ziemer

  20. Gina

    Count me in! Sounds like fun

  21. The Shutter

    I’m so in. How fun!

  22. ALexis

    yay play cool!

  23. Lauri Kriva

    LOVE it!! Here’s my photoblog address:

  24. Pam K

    Oh, definitely count me in. I can’t wait. What a wonderful way to spend the month of August…filling up on a lot of eye candy!


  25. Pam K

    Oh, definitely count me in. I can’t wait. This is exactly what I needed…a month full of eye candy!!

  26. Robin

    Bril idea. I’m completely in. :)

    Robin of http://lifewithoutwant.blogspot.com/

  27. Melissa Buchanan

    Oh *sigh* Susannah. :)
    I am wanting to start up a (new – don’t go there) blog. At first it was to post pictures of hats – titled “Behatted”. What can I say, I like them. But really, I want it to have all sorts of lovely pictures (fashion/decor/art/etc), encouraging, inspiring words and be fun. I still like the name Behatted, because when someone (man or woman) wears a hat there is an assumed confidence about them. They know who they are, have their own style and are proud to show the world. My interpretation of hat wearing anyway. :) So, like me, it will be eclectic and not just about hats. I will be doing artwork – hats may or may not be involved. I just wonder if the name is a bit “naff”. But being a part of your August break might be a great start. So maybe I’ll go with it – the good thing about blogspot is that the name can change!!! Bless you!
    (Gosh – sorry about the long comment!)

  28. beth

    i love this idea….i was thinking i needed and wanted a change for august, so this is perfect !

  29. Rae

    Oh yay, yay, YAY!

    I’m in.

  30. Tracy Larsen

    This is just what I need right now. I’m totally in! http://tracylarsenphotographyblog.com/

    Thanks so much Susannah!

  31. laurenlanzaosias

    i feel like i have been so behind on my blog. i love this idea. just being inspired daily. no pressure. no words. i’m gonna try and do it.


  32. Yolanda

    I am looking forward to participating. http://yosphotolife.blogspot.com and I’m Yolanda.

  33. MaryBeth

    My favorite way to blog
    no words
    no rules

  34. Lisa

    hi, i’m lisa, and i’m a newb. :)
    i’d love to jump in.

  35. Tina

    I want to join but I cannot do something like this on my current blog. Maybe I will have to create a new one. Which I have been thinking about, one that would allow me to share my photographs and weaving projects. Perhaps I just found another reason to get to it. I will keep you posted.

  36. Laurie Matthews

    This will dovetail so nicely with my current photo projects on posterous and flickr! Plus it will allow me time to work on some other projects I’ve been wanting to return to (including finishing up your unravelling course from last winter which heartbreakingly I had to put on hold).

    taking the long way

  37. Dottie

    I’ve been posting a photo a day – mostly – so I’ll try to keep it up. This is a fun idea and a good way to let the pictures speak for themselves.

  38. kelly

    I absolutely love this idea. A big Yay!
    Thanks Susannah!


  39. chantelle {fat mum slim}

    I’d love to be part of this! Count me in!


  40. nathalie

    I shall gladly join as I am feeling soooo quiet nowardays :)


  41. Marianne

    This is exactly what I need to free up some time and still stay connected.

  42. susannah


  43. Rhianne

    I love this idea, I’m going to be so busy in August that a step back from blogging and into taking pictures sounds perfect. Wonderful idea.


  44. Rachel

    sounds perfect! I’m in! :)

  45. Suzie

    Sounds a great idea – count me in!


  46. Robyn

    Hi, I’d love to join in but I don’t have a blogspot and don’t really know how to make or get one. How does this all work?

  47. Natalie

    sounds great! count me in :) ..

  48. Miss Isabell

    I didn’t get the code to work by deleting the extras, but I just uploaded the badge as a picture and added the link to your post separately. Works just as fine.


  49. Miss Isabell

    thank you! I figured it out! ;)

  50. Beth Schillaci

    I’m in. This will be a great way to get back to blogging on my personal blog: http://www.mypov.com

  51. Jakki

    perfectly perfect for me…great timing….

  52. Andrew Reeves

    Sounds like fun!! Count me in!

  53. Elizabeth Scott

    Great idea! I’m in.

  54. barbara

    i forgot to leave you my blog adress:


  55. Samantha


  56. Crystal Heis

    So I’ve been thinking …why not do this on my psuedo/business blog too?

  57. Samantha

    to get susannah’s badge for blogspot, save the badge as a picture to your computer, then add gadget to you blog, add picture, uplaod picture from your computer, add link in space provided,( https://www.susannahconway.com/the-august-break-2010/) save gadget to your blog, worked for me ok.

  58. Catalina

    I will love to be a part of it! great idea :)

  59. Cari Simon

    Count me in! Awesome idea. :) My blog is: http://www.forlilia.typepad.com. Thank you for the inspiration.

  60. susannah

    Hi Robyn, it’s just a bit of fun – share a photo every day in august on your blog. if you’d like to start a blog you can create a free one at http://www.blogger.com :)

  61. darlene

    i LOVE this !!! especially given my crazy august schedule. I am so in … so absolutely in :-)

  62. susannah

    Yay!! Darlene is in! It all started with you, baby :) x

  63. Alice Joubert

    Hi I’ve been reading your blog and now this site for awhile, you’ve been inspirational in helping me start my own blog. Thank you.

    I’d love to join in for this as I’m going away I think it would be perfect.
    My blog is:

    Thanks again for the inspiration.

  64. Sarah

    I’d love to join you, Susannah. What a great idea!

  65. The Shutter

    I’m having trouble linking your badge to my site. I’m on blogger. What am I doing wrong?

  66. susannah

    i’ll be posted a new code shortly – in mean time, Samantha kindly shared another way to do it: http://thishomesweethome.blogspot.com/2010/07/yeah-month-of-august-im-taking-part-in.html

  67. Christine

    Count me in. This will be a great way for me to document what i see/find around nyc.

  68. Brandi

    I love this idea and would be delighted to join!!

  69. Cara

    I am a relative newcomer to your blog… Your site is lovely! I’m already participating in Project 365 and this would be a perfect motivator to get me through August. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


  70. Shelly

    Love this am so excited

  71. Charlotte

    I’d love to join the fun!


  72. jackie

    count me in.

  73. Dana

    Love this idea – please add me to the list too!



  74. Sarah

    Oh hon…I soooooooo need a break…I am loving this..please add me to the list…here is my url.. http://cottagegardenstudiophotos.blogspot.com
    hugs, Sarah

  75. mindy

    oh this sounds lovely.

    i’ve been so tired.

    just doing pictures sounds like a wonderful break.

    my blog is
    photos by mindy

  76. katrina

    please count me in :)

    my name: katrina
    blog name: puglypixel

  77. Molly

    I am in as well.

  78. Krista

    This is a brilliant idea Susannah! My blog is a work in progress, so I have started up a posterous account for this purpose.


    Can’t wait to see and share!

  79. Rosalinda

    Me, too! Please! I can’t wait! In addition to a month of pics, I committ to commenting a lot. Even if it’s just a smiley-face, because it totally pumps me up to get a comment from someone.

  80. Kathleen

    love, love, LOVE this!! Count me in!


  81. Emma

    This is just what I need for next month! Please sign me up :)

  82. Courtney

    I’m in!

  83. Colette

    YES I’m joining in! Add me to the list please.


  84. Melanie Tinken

    Hey Susannah,

    It’s Mel Isis from the summer unravelling, please add me to the list. And I feel kind of dumb but can’t figure out how use the badge code??? Very new baby blogger. Ciao, Bella

  85. susannah

    hey beautiful! try working through the instructions in this post: http://thishomesweethome.blogspot.com/2010/07/yeah-month-of-august-im-taking-part-in.html


  86. Katarina

    I’m definitely in, my break was on the list for a long time.


  87. Caryn

    Count me in too!

  88. Amy Smith

    i love this…i’m in. trouve.typepad.com

  89. charmaine | the delicious home

    Hey Susannah! I lLOVE this idea. Could I still join?

  90. susannah

    of course! :)

  91. Charmaine Robles Velasco

    Thanks, Susannah:) Wishing good vibrations on your book writing next month!

  92. Robin Allegro

    Can I play along via Flickr? Great idea, Susannah – thanks.

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