Close Encounters of the Wobble Kind

Just got home from a Wobbletastic weekend. I really miss him already… *sigh*
For the August break

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  1. PurpleB

    he’s so cute….i love babies..and have a precious

  2. Barb

    “Close Encounters of the Wobble Kind”–what a great title for a photo book or even a children’s book

  3. kathleen


  4. Celeste

    These are so adorable…I can feel how squishy and cuddlely he is from way over here.:-)

  5. bella

    Oh, he is growing – and he’s so adorable!

    You’re such a smitten dork ;0)

  6. Lili

    What a handsome little guy! :) you are lucky to get to spend time with that face.

  7. Selma

    OMG. I cannot believe how cute this baby is. And a peace activist too. Right on, cutie!

  8. Rhiannon

    What a cutie ! I am enjoying seeing how much fun you are having being an Auntie !

  9. susannah

    i totally am!

  10. deb taylor

    so flippin precious!! peace out baby!

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