Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wobble

This Skype shot makes me laugh and get misty eyed at the same time. For the August break.

Ps. This will be the last Wobble pic until tomorrow for a while, I promise.  I know it can get boring looking at pics of kids you’re not related to all the time – i don’t read many mommy blogs for this reason – but after so many years of living with someone missing, it is such a joy to be living with someone new in the world. Noah is my sunshine, and as I said to my sis yesterday, I just don’t think my body is big enough to hold all this love i have for him. I’m going to explode!

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  1. Kate MacAndrew

    What a great picture! It’s not hard to see why you love him so much, he’s a real cutie! :)

  2. Corinne Bowen

    I love your wobble pics! I am on my way to spend a week of vacation with my in-laws and I am most excited about being with my baby niece:) Such joy. Xoxo

  3. susannah

    have fun with her, love! x

  4. chantelle {fat mum slim}

    He’s just getting so much bigger, and every ounce of him is filled with such personality! I love it.

    My sisters love my daughter the same way you love Wobble. It’s the best thing ever. He’s so super lucky to have you. x

  5. kerin rose

    well, that title just made me laugh my butt off!

  6. Lynn

    That is absolutely priceless! What a doll! What a ham! What a heart breaker! Just following your pic postings caused me to fall for him. Can imagine the immensity of love pouring from your heart.
    Lucky you ;)

  7. Jill Kane

    I love your photos of Noah! My nephew turns 18 tomorrow – big sigh – his childhood went by way too fast :( But, I’m excited to see him move into adulthood :)

  8. Rebekah

    I love love love my nieces and nephews. No complaints from my end!

  9. barb ziemer

    but we love the wobble images…

  10. Selma

    OMG. I could cry, he is so cute. That is the joy of life right there!

  11. Ashley @ Ramblings and Photos

    I think it’s fun – I often look at mommy blogs just to look at cute kiddos…especially since I don’t have any of my own.

  12. Lynne Mixson

    Oh, I love the Wobble pics…do keep them coming! He makes me smile.

    My oldest nephew just got married…it’s nice to flashback and remember when he and his sis were young.

    Long Live the Wobble!!

  13. Carmela

    Love looking at pics of Wobble. I feel like I’m getting to know him and you through those pictures. I have a kiddo – a boy – of my own and some very dear family kids (a niece and two cousins) I adore, so I understand how every moment can be bring joy and laughter and a little longing, and how you want to share all those little moments with the world. Also your joy shines through your pictures and who doesn’t love contagious joy?!

  14. Jules

    Your blog has always been about what you love, so I say Wobble away. :)

    p.s. Look at that flirty smile! It’s like he saying, “Oh yeah, you know you love the Wobble.”

  15. mau

    how adorable! you can see the love in his face too. as chantelle said, he’s lucky to have an aunt like you. and don’t worry, we all love seeing his photos!

  16. susannah

    he is SUCH a little flirty monkey!

  17. bella

    :) He gets cuter and cuter, I swear it. You are all so blessed to have him in your lives. He is a sweet angel. xo

  18. Nina

    adorable picture. its such a joy to see the true joy of living that children embody.

    shame you miss out on mommy blogs thinking they are all pictures of kids. which by the by they aren’t really a bad thing (pics of kids) since they are (usually) the true un-posed of us as I have found they are so much more.

  19. susannah

    Hi Nina! no offense to mommy bloggers intended – my tongue was in my cheek a bit :) besides, i seem to have turned into an auntie blogger myself! :)

  20. Steph

    I particularly love this pic… those gaping mouths are just soooo funny. Pics can be so posed sometimes, but this one is proof that the best of them are the ones where people look HAPPY!

  21. vivienne

    i became a first time auntie not long before you did so i’m so very much in the same place. auntiehood is even better than i could have imagined and i’m head over heels over my lil’ nephew too…so i’m loving all of the auntie sharing going on here.

  22. helen

    That is SUCH a great picture! And I think Jules is spot on with her analysis of his flirty smile. As far as I’m concerned, Wobble on. x

  23. jane

    this wobble love is just putting joy out into the world – pure and simple

    and we could all do with more joy

    i say wobble on!

  24. Amy

    I love the wobble pics! :]

  25. Shell

    Wobble love!! Noah is adorable, I be a proud aunt to with a cutie like that.

  26. mindy

    this is absolutely precious! i love it!!

  27. Catherine Just

    please don’t stop posting wobble wobble love. I do so enjoy you bursting and bubbling over with love for the little one and his photos are precious even though I don’t know him. I don’t mind it is amazing to see him and how much you love him.

  28. geisslein

    oh my god – how cute! I have fallen in love…

  29. Andrea

    I’ve enjoyed the recent Wobble-palooza, Susannah and you’re not the only one in love – his smile lights up my life half a world away each time I see it. What a blessed little boy to have so many who love him so much!

  30. jan

    so adorable Susannah! i have a noah in my life too – and he’s just as happy !

  31. Eadaoin

    Having seen the first post on your blog today I was wondering who the cute baby belonged to and have had a lovely look through all your recent posts delighted to see more of your nephew! I can’t believe you almost stopped posting photos of him lol, I’m glad your readers convinced you otherwise!! He’s a cutie and just so happy, it’s lovely to see such a gorgeous happy face peering out from the screen :) More of the wobble photos I say, he’s like a little sunbeam smiling out of the screen, it must be such a joy to have him in your life!

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