Day eleven

Happy Birthday, Abby, I love you! xo

For the August break

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  1. margie

    just wanted to pop over and thank you for giving us all permission to take a break. it is a pleasure to take a holiday from our blog. still writing but only in my journal.

  2. Christin

    Love those storefronts. It looks so serene. Your photos are always calming and I quite enjoy it. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jude

    I felt calm seeing these too :)

  4. Brigitte

    Totally off topic, but is that a singer 99? That’s the model I have!

  5. Aggie

    have i told you how much i love augustbreak? i’m thanking your brilliant mind for this. xoxo

  6. Jakki

    LOVE the multi color on the buildings…gives character beyond the basic…

  7. lauren martin gauthier

    i just LOVE that last image! (once i get over admiring wobble, that is ;) ) seriously though, i’d like to crawl inside and live there. in the green building, with the big white transom window. home above, studio below. yes, indeed. :)

  8. annalyn

    that’s one on my things to learn..sewing!

    happy birthday to Abby and Happy August Break :)

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