Day five

Blue things on my side table. For the August break.

As of 9:50am on day five of the August break there are 405 members and 1,171 images in the Flickr pool – it’s such a treat to be able to dip into so many worlds while I’m confined to my sofa writing my book (and by ‘writing’ i mean think-about-and-agonise. Maud had been locked in a cupboard but i can still hear her taunts. Buying ear plugs this afternoon.)

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  1. Catalina

    beautiful photo and love the blue things! :)

    and yes, you are right, difficult to follow all these great pictures and people but when I need a break (still working) I just drop by the ‘august break’ (that is what it is for, isn’t it?) and give me energy and cheers me up!


  2. Chris

    I love all of your blue glass jars and vases. I hope you are able to be stress-free soon!

  3. Rhiannon

    Wow – impressive number of participants. I’ve been enjoying visiting the blogs – forgot about the flickr pool – need to get my pics redirected there too..

    Good luck with the writing :)

  4. Jo Klima

    Loving all the photos in the flickr group, wish I had a blog right now so I could be doing this too :)

  5. Rochelle

    I love mid-century clocks – I used to have a bunch on display but scaled down and gave them away – still miss them.

    We know you will overpower whatever Maud says to you – because we all know your book is going to be fabulous! (And we know better than Maud.)

  6. Jude

    Hahaa – I’m a huge advocate of ear plugs (especially in this case!) Maud *belongs* in that cupboard :).

  7. Wayfaring Wanderer

    I am thankful that this “break” is getting me out of my blogging funk. Yay :D

  8. Jakki

    its like a treat to go through the flickr pool, LOL…thanks so much for doing this!

  9. jenn r

    i have faith in you susannah–this book is going to be brilliant! in fact, you’ve been part of my inspiration to go back to school and major in English (writing) with a possible minor in British Studies.

    love, love, love your lovely side table of blue…and having fun with the august break and the unravelling summer of 2009 girls. :)

  10. Brigitte

    Why is it that the “think-about-and-agonise” phase of writing is always so critical? It’s also gut-wrenching

  11. jane

    i find doing the fingers in the direction of my inner critic helps as much as earplugs <3

  12. susannah

    it’s my least favourite part ;)

  13. carla

    What a lovely collection of pretty things:) I like the soft quality of the image, too. Thanks for the August break – I’m having so much fun!

  14. Annette

    Love those blue things! Blue is one of those colors that soothes me so much. I wrap myself up in blue nearly everyday either in the clothes I’m wearing, the plates I use for serving, or the sky I look up at from my blanket in the backyard. Wonderful, wonderful blue!

  15. Brooke

    I think this is my favorite Polaroid of yours, ever! Amazing.

    And loving the August Break. :)

  16. Ashley

    What gorgeous shades of blue!

  17. Jayne

    Well I, for one, am having so much fun meeting new photographers and bloggers on The August Break…so thank you. :)

  18. Julie

    (This is silly but true) Because of my lifestyle, I have a shoebox sized of things I can keep, and I mean literal objects..and when I see these collections in a home…it makes me dizzy with envy and appreciation at the same time. I’m on the other side of the wall right now, living vicariously thru others cozy homes and collections.

    That mantle collection is crazy beautiful to me.

    I know that you too Susannah are a fan of Natalie Goldberg, I’ve had her book for years (it’s one one of a few I kept out of thousands, it’s a bit of a bible to me), and I look in it’s margins and see where I’ve scribbled and circled in it portions that are inspiring.

    When I looked in it today, I see where once upon a time I circled the words:

    “art lives in the big world” –

    By sharing your photos and collections, you do indeed put them in that place..where art lives in the big world.

    It is good to share.

    Thank you.

  19. susannah

    lovely thoughts – thank you for sharing, Julie! xo

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