Day four

My mantlepiece, shot with my new SX-70 camera to check it works okay (seems to) with a very old pack of SX-70 blend film. For the August break

Things learned in the last 48 hours:

Just because a publisher is willing to publish your book and has given you an actual contract and deadline does not mean you will feel any more confident about a) your writing abilities, b) your ability to finish a whole book worthy of publication and c) your own worthiness. Hello Maud, I was wondering when you’d show up.

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  1. Rhianne

    I love your photos and your mantle piece is so pretty. I can’t wait to move my cameras to their new home and make them pretty too!

    Ignore Maud, you are amazing and don’t you forget it!

  2. Hanne Rysgaard

    thank Maud for her concern – then show the world your knickers ;)

  3. Catalina


    and yes, ignore Maud…it is normal to feel like this once in a while though but it doesn’t mean it is true. Yo CAN do that and beautifully and intelligently. You can do everything! your talent is like a cascade in a tropical forest, a never ending one :)

  4. Graciel

    dear maude,

    go to hell, darling.

    xo, graciel

  5. julie

    yes – give your self permission to write and to be a writer and to twirl within it all!

  6. Jess

    Oh yes, Maud. We all have our own incarnation of Maud … However, the rest of us are more than certain that you’re going to kick ass on your book writing. So get to it, lady. ;-) xoxo.

  7. Jess

    P.S. – That is “very old” sx-70 blend film? WOW, it looks like new(ish) 600!

  8. susannah

    yes – old film! i’m amazed at how well it came out!

  9. beth

    playing along with you and loving the break…..

  10. Rhiannon

    That looks great for old film !

    I am about to have a go with the new Impossible colour – quite excited and aprehensive too, given the Diva like attitude of the previous film !

    Oh and send Maud off for a long adventure – on foot to Istanbul….that should give you a breather :)

  11. Christine (spiral bound)

    Dude, I think you have to get Maud on YOUR side. You’ve got to harness some of that Victorian grannie power for good rather than evil.
    “No granddaughter of mine is going to feel bad about her work! Hmph! The very idea! Full steam ahead my dear.”
    That kind of thing. Make her clever and stridently encouraging. A kind of Oscar Wilde in drag (he was a Victorian grannie, no?)

    Anyway, I’m being silly, but only because I’m sure that your book is coming along beautifully even if you are too close to the eye of the creative storm to see it. oxox

  12. susannah

    :-D xx

  13. Jude

    Hang in there! I know we’ve all had our Maud phases :) I just know the book’ll be fantastico. And beautiful old-y photo :)

  14. Jakki

    Love the image and love the settings on the mantle, LOL

  15. Jill

    Hey Susannah – gorgeous photo, and mantle by the way. I love the design of your home. Here’s another thought to move Maud on out of your beautiful place – there’s BIG power in revision. Yes, you have a timeline, but you’re going to learn from revision work. Write knowing you always can change a word, a paragraph, pages. Be true to YOUR voice. The rest will all fall into place on the pages. xoxo, Jill

  16. susannah

    thank you, love – wise words i needed to hear again :) xoxo

  17. Mel

    I know Maud only too well. She is not called Maud in my world, she is called Ernestine but they seem to be close relations.

    Hope you can lock Maud into the bathroom for a while.

  18. xanthe

    i think a “maud” sits with all of us. you clearly have a lot of talent, keep twirling just like you are. x.

  19. Caroline

    The old film is awesome. Such a great photograph!

  20. megg

    Well, I will just have to hold complete faith in you for you until you are ready for it back. You are, you will and you can. I have no question in my mind. Send her over to me and I’ll have a serious word.

    love you x

  21. lynda Howells

    Yes we all have our own Maud..sorry to hear yours has surfaced..not for long l hopexs..Good luck with all you are doing and your house/flat hunting in Londonxlynda

  22. Ashley

    You can do it! I believe in you!
    Also, your new camera seems to work just peachy keen!

  23. Puna

    Really enjoying your series Susanna. Found you somewhere along the internet superhighway and glad I stopped here.

  24. Lolo

    Beautiful photo! The colours look great.
    Old polaroid film can be so hit or miss.

  25. cindy

    you can do it, just keep going!

  26. Melissa Buchanan

    And there I was thinking Maud was visiting with me … :)

  27. Denise

    That is a kick-ass camera! I’m sure you would have fun taking even more beautiful photos with it. :) Excited to see the rest!

  28. caitlin

    The photograph on your mantle seems familiar, but i can’t remember the name of the photographer. The small photo, that is.

    Good luck with writing. :)

  29. susannah

    Hi Caitlin, the photo was taken by a friend of mine at art school, looong time ago :)

  30. Stacy

    Beyond worthy…. that’s you.

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