Day six

Current bedtime reading. For the August break.

Side note: I bought this book while in Montreal last September and I love it to bits – it really makes me want to hang out with Miranda July and be her pal. I also love the physicality of the book – paperback books in North America have much thinner and more supple covers than books here in the UK; I love the feel of them and how they mould to my hand. This is why i could never swap my books for a Kindle. Ever. I mean, how would I scribble in the margins?

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  1. A Box of Chocolates

    Oh me too real books, real printed words, the smell of a new book, the feel of the well read book, the creases on the spine the words remembered and those forgotten ahhh you have to have books.

  2. island girl

    i love, love this book :) happy reading.

  3. Lili

    Such a great book. The quirkiness of her personality in her writing always lifted my spirits. I don’t think I could ever trade for a Kindle either. Even now, I print out long articles I have to read from the computer. I wish I could print out my Google Reader feeds ;)

  4. Brooke

    Paperback books are really great here. I always look for them over hardcover ones.

    I also love getting to know a favorite book over and over, and even remember where favorite bits are on the page (upper left half), which I could never do on a Kindle.

  5. Courtney

    Waking up to this post was such a lovely coincidence – I just watched Me and You and Everyone We Know last night and was reminded of how much I adore Miranda July. Enjoy the rest of your book, and thank you again for putting together the August Break!

  6. Astrid

    I’m sure you and Miranda would get on very well… judging from her film, I’d say she’s got a soft spot for feet photography (and videos) as well! Oh, and “Swimming Lessons” is just about my favourite story in the world… totally sureally wonderful.

  7. Ann

    In a minute, I will see if I can download that book to my Kindle! Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to be nasty! I, too, am a lover of books and bookstores and have walls filled with them in my home. I now love my Kindle, too! For this very reason; I want to read this book. I do not plan on going to the bookstore today, but I don’t want to forget about it. And maybe I won’t even like it, but I can download the beginning of the book, at no cost, and it will be sitting next to my bed, in my Kindle, when I get there this evening. Now, if I end up really loving the book, I will buy a hard copy too, for my library. It’s working for me, but I definitely understand everyone’s worries!

  8. susannah

    knowing me, if i had a Kindle i’d probably become obsessed with it ;)

  9. Steph

    Completely agree. I was in Hatchard’s yesterday, where the selection of North American books is extensive, especially insofar as literature, literary criticism, cultural studies and poetry are concerned, and those paperbacks are just totally mouth-watering. I don’t know what it is about them, but that soft, matt magazine-like cover gets me every time. I don’t judge a book by its cover, but I surely buy it because of it.

  10. Jude

    Lovely bookcover & soft light…the Kindle is soo seductive…though I’d miss the tactile pleasure of handling a book, and smelling the pages and print too much :)

  11. nic

    I’ve had that book sitting on my shelf since Christmas and have picked it up a number of times…I love the simlicity of the cover, the title itself, and yet I still have not read its contents. Happy to hear you’ve enjoyed it! One of these days I’ll finish up with my stack and get to this one- hopefully sooner rather than later.

  12. Jayne

    I agree with you. Kindle is convenient but it has one serious disadvantage: *it’s not a book*. It neither smells like it, nor feels like it. …And then there’s the problem of how do I leave it on my beach towel while I go and paddle about in the sea?! (OK, so maybe it has more than one serious disadvantage)!

  13. bella

    Word :) Only the printed word.

    miranda july dry erase blog:

  14. susannah


  15. Michelle

    I love Miranda July & this book too! Have you seen Me & You & Everyone We Know? It’s written/directed by her and she acts in it as well.

    I’m with you on the Kindle thing – I’ll never swap out my books either!

  16. susannah

    hell yeah, love that film! :)

  17. Ashley

    Real books really are the best. No doubt about it.

  18. jenn dear

    this made me smile so much. thank you, thank you for sharing this!

    PS: i never thought i would like a kindle ever and i got laid off and the lot of them bought me a kindle as a consolation prize or something. i just love it. that said, i still need paper and ink and ragged pages highlighted and scratched on. viva la book!

  19. Irene Georgiou

    Love, love, love this book.

    Was introduced to the genius of Ms July through her website, if you haven’t visited it yet, I’m sure you will become obsessed with it quite quickly!

  20. Lori-Lyn

    Oh I love that book!

  21. Melanie Tinken

    I hope there are enough of us in the world that would refuse to give up real books. Some things need to be tactile and real…love this.

  22. annalyn

    the book sound interesting, i hope i see it as book crossing, I love it when you find it one the wild, like a treasure :)

  23. doorways traveler

    great one. i loved it.
    love you, too.

  24. Krista

    I’ve never heard of this book… Maybe I will have to look into it now. Gorgeous shot!

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