Day sixteen

It has come to my attention that i own a lot of lip balms. For the August break.

Ps. I’m sharing some rambling thoughts on finding inspiration over on Spring today – it’s a video (you have been warned ;)

Pps. Got some Skype kisses this morning…
I just want to squish him between two slices of bread and eat him all up!

15 responses
  1. Lili

    I love the old style packaging of the Vaseline brand. and the expression on your face in the bottom frame is absolutely perfect. it’s a look of pure glee. he is just so handsome in all his pudgey wonder.

  2. susannah

    it’s his plump little cheekies that kill me :)

  3. Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

    Love your collection, and that little man. Is just so sweet.

  4. Hannah

    Oh, what a lovely lip balm collection :) I have a perticular one that I must have nearby at all times (desert essence shea butter).

  5. Michelle

    Oh my gosh, he is adorable. I love your face in the Skype picture! :)

  6. kristen

    the hemp organics lip balms are my favorite – can we say addicted? :0

  7. Jude

    Spectacular lip balm collection (I heart) – the Skype capture is just priceless! Oh chubby cheeks!

  8. xanthe

    i have a collection like this, addicted for sure, especially at the change of seasons.
    how lovely to see your inspiration video… i hear you. every time i go out somewhere as part of the “routine”, i always try and notice something i haven’t noticed before. keeping it fresh is the way to go. happy monday : )

  9. Charlane Killough Griffith

    i love roses and burts.

  10. Lisa

    Love that little “Wobble Man!”

  11. Marilyn

    What a sweet little one. He definitely brings JOY.

  12. Catherine

    A woman can never have too much lip balm!

    Mr. Wobble is so, so precious.

  13. mau

    he’s just too sweet! btw, my favourite lip balm is the same vaseline one up here. :-)

  14. Whtitney

    You can never have too much lip balm or too much Wooble. :-)

  15. katrina

    :) i’m a carmex lip balm freak and as one who is strongly addicted to the stuff, i can certainly relate to your large collection.

    also, i subscribe to your rss feed and seeing your adorable nephew brings a happy glow to my inbox. he’s a cutie!

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