Day thirty-one

It’s the last day. This month (or maybe it’s just today) has felt really overwhelming for me, in terms of work and my own expectations, so having the August break Flickr pool to dip in to has been such a joy. I’ve loved peeking into so many Augusts around the world, and I’m loving that the Flickr group will remain online so we can keep sharing our photos and lives – it’s the August Break Continued, folks!

I have 12 days before I leave for the States, so I think i’ll stick with the minimal posting for now. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a few guests posts on the blog while i’m sequestered in book-writing-land – what do you guys think? Would that be fun, or are you okay with tiny hellos from me? I’m really missing proper blogging, but also know I need to save my daily word allotment for the book. And it’s turning out to be quite the emotional roller coaster! No surprises there, I guess – my unconscious is throwing up all kinds of nighttime treats as i weave this story together. It’s exciting, scary, humbling, exhausting, challenging and oh-my-god-what-have-i-let-myself-in-for? And hard. And very very illuminating…

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  1. Louise Naomi Best

    AugustBreak was so good for me. A month without words and a thoughtful choosing of an image that represented my day for me. When I look back I know this August will be memorable in the details that each image triggered. I’ve really enjoyed it. Thanks for the ride and good luck with your writing

  2. Emma Bradshaw

    I have loved the august break Susannah, thank you x sometimes pictures are easier than words and it was nice to have a break too, glad it will continue! emma x

  3. Jude

    August Break has been amazing and I will miss it! Thank you, Susannah, for doing this and the inspiration. Best in coming weeks (loved this post :)).

  4. Lisa

    How about guest posts AND just a word or two from you when you can??
    Thank you so much for The August Break. I think it was a wonderful experience for everyone. I know it was a wonderful experience for me!
    Travel safely, and I wish you the best with the writing.

    Lisa. xo

  5. Marthe

    I’ve missed your regular posts Susannah! Although I’m so happy that you are spending your time working on the book that I’m looking forward to read!

    Guest posts are always nice, just don’t stop blogging for too long, okay? Your posts inspire me so much, I need them! :)

  6. Francesca

    Hurrah for the August break continued! I really need to join flickr! It’s been a brilliant project just to post photos without worrying about words. Thanks so much Susannah!
    And as for book duration writing, how about guest posts, which are always fun, as well as tiny hellos?

  7. susannah

    Marthe, you are so sweet :) xo

  8. susannah

    yeah, you lovelies are right – i’ll do both ;) x

  9. Sam Brightwell

    I just popped in to say the same as the others really. Guest posts would be lovely, and tiny hellos form you, or a photo, would be fab. But will you tell us all about Squam when you get back? And have a wonderful time.
    Thanks for The August Break – it’s been a ball.
    Bright Blessings.

  10. julie

    Your book process sounds like a birthing, and a rich alchemical process. I am sure you will create a diamond of sparkling integrity and beauty as it sounds like you are diving deep.

    Keep on keeping on!

  11. Sara

    Thanks susannah!! I can’t believe the month flew by … yet I’m still willing to keep up with this one photo a day blogging style. =) It sure did keep my hopes up during tough times … as for your writing, keep up the good work!! I have no doubt it will be phenomenal!! =)

  12. Aggie

    I had a great time with the August Break. At first I thought it would be overwhelming to take pictures but it totally took the pressure off regular blogging. Thank you for coming up with the concept.

    I cannot wait for your book, Susannah. I hope you do a book tour in Canada so I can see you! If you are coming, please make sure you stop by Toronto, Ontario or London, Ontario and I will make sure I have baked goods for you (and a bottle of wine nestled amongst the baked goodies :D)

    good vibes and may the words seep through your fingers!


  13. Melissa Buchanan

    hello lovely
    thank you so much for the AB.
    just this last Sunday i had running around the city taking photos (mainly shop windows of course ;), and have now decided to change my focus from drawing to ‘enhanced’ photography. i totally LOVE it.
    and it’s all your fault ;)
    *massive hugs*

  14. Brooke

    Tiny hellos would be lovely, with absolutely no pressure. I remember once you wrote that we can just leave a :) in the comments. So think of your posts as little :) ‘s to us! You have a lot of support out here, we are all rooting for you and understand the difficulties of The Process. :) That said, I would love to see who you’d choose for a guest blogger…

  15. Charlane Killough Griffith

    i like guest posts well enough, but if i had to choose i would rather tiny hellos now and again. :)

  16. Miss Giny/Au Pays des Merveilles

    Thank you so much Susannah for The August Break !
    I discovered fabulous blogs and beautiful people … it really helped me in my summer not very gay.
    Courage for your book! Ok for quick hello ! :)
    See you soon at Unravelling ! ^^

  17. Maria-Louisa

    First of all thanks for a creative way to spend August with your “August break” concept – brilliant. It has helped me put up my blog (finally) and not being so afraid to put post on it! The pressure was somehow turned off. Plus a great way to meet and see corners of the world. Thanks.

    I thinks it is so important not to burn out in this book process you are in. So for my point of view, guest blogging is the way and tiny hellos..Then we will have so much more to look forward to when you have words to blog. But again I am also curious about tricky ;)

    Creative cheers,

  18. barbraziemer

    farewell august break! it was a great month!

  19. Catalina

    yes, both is great! guest posts and just little hellos. (I just will miss woblble) concentrate your energy on your book, we want it! :)


  20. shelle

    this really was a wonderful way to spend a vacation…doing what i love best…going places i couldn’t get to…and seeing things i couldn’t see…thankyou.

  21. Happy Frog and I

    Hi there, I found my way here via Amelia’s latest post on 101 Bird Tales. I am looking forward to sticking around and finding out more.

  22. susannah

    Catalina, i’m seeing Mr W tomorrow, so you *know* there will be pics ;-) xo

  23. susannah

    hi there! welcome :)

  24. Rosie

    Hi Susannah,
    First of all I’d like to thank you for the August Break! I stumbled on it by pure chance and was so enjoying the group and I’m glad for ABC! :-)
    I’d love to here a word here and there from you, of course, but I do understand that this might be stressful for you. Guest blogs are totally ok for me to make it easier on you, however, it would be nice to know when you will be back – an exact date to look forward to just like Christmas ;-)

  25. susannah

    hi Rosie, i will let you guys know the plan when i formulate one xox

  26. Samantha

    I had a great time getting out and about with my camera, and as of next monday evening I’m doing a photography course at my local college! yah..back to college…a little nervous though.
    Thanks Susannah!

  27. Thea Coughlin

    I am thinking I may jump on for the extension of August break:)

  28. angie

    Enjoying your photos… What is the book in the picture— “6 charactes searching for an author”?

  29. becky aka theRav

    Maybe I am selfish. I prefer you, your photos and your words because they are the best! Best of luck to you with all you have going on in your busy life right now. Safe journey.

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