Day three

For the August break (which I’m already loving so much)

Psssst. I’m launching my newsletter this week! Finally! If you’re already on my mailing list you’ll automatically receive it, and if you’re not then I’d be honoured if you’d sign up over in the lilac-coloured box over there —-> The newsletter will, unsurprisingly, have news on what I’m up to and updates on e-course enrollments and shenanigans. And eventually there’ll be BOOK news too!

On that note, back to writing… x

15 responses
  1. Jude

    Gosh, I love those vintage-y Penguin books!

  2. Rhiannon

    Yes – love the old penguin books too…

  3. nathalie

    I am really enjoying the august break too :) – (still having problem with the badge, though) and can’t wait to get home to read your newsletter ! bonne journée !!

  4. Sarah

    Good morning hon! I love anything Bohemian/gypsyish LOL! I am already a happy subscriber of your lovely newsletter!!!
    I am so enjoying this…hugs, Sarah

  5. Sarah

    I snagged the picture of the badge and added the link here instead..the badge code isn’t working properly… :)

  6. Jes

    Vintage goodness! :)

  7. Lili

    I love Penguin books so much. And thanks for starting this August Break! I’m having a lot of fun of taking photos with no pressure. It’s actually encouraged me to play with my iPhone camera toys more ;)

  8. Catalina

    really enjoying this! and great to have a newsletter about your work that is always so interesting and inspirational

  9. Amisha

    Books – always tempting :-)!

  10. Melissa Mann

    Love them! I just finally posted some of the ones I’ve taken the past three days! Loving this prompt for the month!

  11. Natalie

    My guess is the philanderer wields his sword of pleasure while collecting trinkets from his conquests…a pair of golden shoes, numerous jewels slipped from silken necks, a fan from a senorita he met in Bohemia…

  12. rachel

    I am really enjoying august break too! Did I tell you my Dad is even taking part? He’s been texting me a picture every day so far in tandem to me posting mine on my blog ;) Awesome! xxx

  13. susannah

    Bless him! That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard today :)

  14. Melissa Buchanan

    Seriously – you make me want to just take photos of shop windows all the time!! :)

  15. Christina

    love those penguin books!

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