Day twelve

The view from my sofa.
The view from the window. Shot with the amazing AutoStitch app.

For the August break.

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  1. Katarina

    cool app. I love your library :)

  2. Chris

    You have the best apartment and great view to boot! Can’t wait to check out the app.

  3. Jude

    (So hard to only leave a smiley face!) Awesome flat, app and photos :)

  4. Corinne Bowen

    I LOVE that app! Downloading it now…Your apartment is gorgeous by the way:) xo

  5. Rhiannon

    Oooh going to have to get that app too…I can see it would be great fun to use. Very cute room too :)

  6. Sara

    what an adorable apartment/flat you live in!!

  7. Jan

    Great view from the sofa. Creativity oozes out of you.

  8. Charlane Killough Griffith

    :) i love that afghan every time i see it

  9. annalyn

    I love your living room, it looks so spacious :)

  10. sirja

    now that’s a nice nest…hm, no wonder you get all your lovely ideas.

  11. Bria

    I love these, and that app is amazing. I rarely buy apps but I may have to make an exception….

  12. abigail percy

    Oh Susanna – your space is lovely! I heart your sideboard… I have one very similar (ebay – 15 quid!!) and it’s my favourite piece…

    Mid-Century is always so super stylish! :)

  13. susannah

    Abigail – i’ve seen a photo of your sideboard on Flickr – it’s gorgeous!

  14. Carrie

    Great photos;
    fun app;
    brilliant idea to post your living room;
    and I ADORE your bookshelves. I’ve seen shelves organized this way before, but don’t understand how it’s done?! I tried to do it with my plethora of books to no avail. Any tips?

  15. susannah

    i made piles on the floor first – purples/blues… pinks/reds… whites/cream… yellow/brown… blacks…. blue-green/greens etc – before putting them n the shelf. doesn’t take too long once you get started :)

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