Day twenty-five

Lunch with a good friend (who brought NYC guides for me!) and then a cab ride home to avoid the rain. For the Rainy August break.

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  1. Maria-louisa

    Looks like a great cafe and way to spend a day.

    Cheers from sunny Edinburgh

  2. Wayfaring Wanderer

    That looks like an awesome lunch! I’ll pretend that the salad I am about to eat is what you had :D

    p.s. You should try playing in the rain some time. It’s FUN!

  3. Debra

    I enjoy looking at ALL your photos Susannah, but when they’re of Wobble or The Rain I’m drawn to them like ants to sugar. :)

  4. Jude

    Such a perfectly cosy time and good times with a friend (with NYC fantasy thrown in for good measure) – just lovely.

  5. xanthe

    what is up with all this rain?, since when was august the start of autumn??!!

  6. susannah

    i know!! i feel short-changed ;)

  7. Jakki

    In that last picture…I am lovin’ the dress in the window!

  8. Lisa

    If you’re planning a trip to NYC, and have never been there before, all I can say is YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!!!

  9. urban muser

    just so you know, it’s raining in NYC too. for 4 days now. nice blog!

  10. Lucent Imagery

    I love the photo taken through the window to the ladies outside!

  11. Melissa Buchanan

    Awesome summer you’re having. ;)

    We’ve had exactly the same weather down here, but it’s a little more expected. :)

    Love the rainy shop window.

  12. Rhiannon

    Enjoy your New York trip planning. Love the rainy photo too – although rain in August isn’t actually allowed.

  13. Charlane Killough Griffith

    the food looks so comforting

  14. michelle

    when will you be in NY?! i’m a native NY-er, taking your unravelling course (from NZ) next month!

  15. Maura

    If you are planning on coming to NY and need ideas etc. I have been following you for a while-never a big commenter-but live and work in Manhattan if you need anything.

  16. susannah

    thanks Maura! we might be organising an evening meet-up – you must come along! x

  17. Valerie Green

    Good afternoon,
    What are the chances that you would consider an extra person in your upcomming Unravelling E Course? Are you accepting a waiting list or have you recieved any cancellations and could manage to squeeze one more in.
    Thank you so much, I look forward to your reply.
    Val Green

  18. susannah

    Hi Val, i will email you x

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