Day twenty-seven

Didn’t take any photographs today, but i did WRITE. It’s all i can think about write right now. I’ve got a couple of weeks left before my first deadline and then it’s off to the lovely US of A to teach at Squam Art Workshops and spend a few days in NYC <—- my first time. i’m so excited i think i may EXPLODE

For the August break.

* * * * *
Calling all former Unravellers! A little reminder that registration for the autumn session of Unravelling #2: Living in My World will be opening tomorrow! You know the drill – come join us for more unravelling, sharing and video making ;)

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  1. Mel

    Green with envy for all the ladies who can do Unrav2 now. Green is not a good look on me.

    Let the writing juices continue to flow.

  2. Steph

    Oh crumbs, your first time?!?! You’re gonna explode. The first time I went there I decided to get married the day after, and I did. Things that place does to people…

  3. Jude

    A NYC virgin, hurrah! I loved my ~5 yrs there, it was comparable to my ~4 part-time London yrs (stinky, exploding all 5 senses – yet once you fall in love, you’re a goner :)) Sending write-able thoughts!

  4. Charlane Killough Griffith

    i want to go to nyc too – i am skimming places here for this weekend. i’m in the mood for an adventure but have a beer budget.

  5. barbraziemer

    someday i will take an unravelling course susanna! but of course i tried to get into your squam workshop!! BOOKED SOLID!! enjoy NH (and NYC!!)

  6. Elaine

    Is Unraveling #2 recommended without having taken the first one? You’re Unraveling #1 filled up before I could sign up for it!

  7. susannah

    Hi Elaine! It’s best to take the courses in the right order as the second course builds on all the work we do in the first class x

  8. Marji

    I loved your words at Kind Over Matter. You have such a knack of choosing the right thing to say in the right way. I’m glad to hear the words are flowing for you now with your book. Don’t think about it so much, just let them flow like you do for your blog and Kind Over Matter. They are the best when they come straight from the heart.?

  9. Sam Brightwell

    I just love this photo.
    Have a fab time at Squam. Jealous, me? For sure.

  10. Samosas For One

    Are you going to do a meet and greet in NYC?

  11. susannah

    hopefully, yes! an early evening drink somewhere – i’ll blog the deets if we do :) x

  12. Samosas For One

    Cool! I look forward to possibly meeting you.

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