Day twenty-three

Auntie Susie finally dusted off the big camera on Friday. It’s almost impossible to be sad with these two clowns around. For the August break.

ps. doesn’t the carpet look nice? Thank you Mr landlord!

pps. I’m sharing some thoughts about kindness and online friendships over on Kind over Matter today – thank you for inviting me, Jenn & Amanda!

11 responses
  1. Katarina

    Haha…love his expression in the second one :))

  2. Jude

    Aw, it’s impossible to be unhappy looking at these – thanks for the pure JOY today!

  3. Susan Mulder

    A Wobble a day keeps the gloomies away! As always, you made me :)

  4. Lisa

    The carpet looks great, and i just love the little Wobble Man jeans!!!!

  5. Elaine

    ADORABLE! Photos! I especially love the first one!

  6. Marilyn

    What a sweetie.

  7. Brooke

    Oh, these made me laugh. That Wobble. And Wobble’s mummy and auntie are pretty funny too. I really cannot stop laughing at that cheeks photo!

  8. Charlane Killough Griffith

    lovin’ auntie lovin’

  9. Leslie Stewart

    Sweeter than sweet. Beautiful baby and mama!

  10. Rhiannon

    I can see why you can’t stop yourself from posting Wobble pics – just too cute for words.
    Love the colour co-ordinated outfits too !

  11. Kathryn


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