Day two

The view from my living room window at 7:34am this morning.

There will be less words here as I settle into my writing away from here, but today I’m limbering up. Stretching. Feeling a bit nervous. I’ve been going to bed an hour earlier and waking an hour earlier and my brain seems to like it, feeling more connected and fluid than it has done in a long while. I can hear whole paragraphs in my head… the words are waiting patiently for me to find them.

This video by Tanya Davis and Andrea Dorfman blew my head off (found via the lovely Vivienne):

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  1. Steph

    You’re right, the video is fabulous. And do you know something? I often think of how blessed I have been in being an only child and in learning just to *be* without seeking approval or validation. Whoever is most comfortable in her own skin is more likely to swim happily with all the other fish too. I guess that’s why I always say that I am my own favourite company.

    I should add that, although you’ve often talked about loneliness and related feelings, you give me the impression of an extremely self-assured person, someone really comfortable with just BEING.

  2. Carrie Hasson

    I too am blown away. An hour and a half left in my Day One…better get to work! I’m excited:)

  3. Sandie Cottee

    This is an amazing video. It has put a big smile on my face and given me a positive start to my day.

  4. Melissa Buchanan

    i love this place called Blogland.

  5. melissa Piccola

    thank you for sharing this video…I really needed to see that! xo

  6. Jeannine

    I love your morning view! I used to live in a place where hot air balloons floated over our house most mornings – I sure miss the sight and that distinctive hiss of the flame that kept balloons afloat. :)

    Great video too. Perfect for a Monday morning.

  7. jeanine

    oh my god. totally weepy over here. i was just telling a friend the other day that i was starting to feel like loneliness is creeping in, something i haven’t felt in a long while (mind you i was totally pms’ing ;). this made me feel ok. better than ok. grateful for this time i have to be alone in my head, in my space. thank you, love.

  8. Corinne Bowen

    I love this video, too! Thank you so much for creating the August Break and giving us a place to share and grow:) I heart our flickr group! xo

  9. Jakki

    Now that would be a sight to wake up to! and that video…has been saved to my favorites…perfect timing!

  10. Christine

    Love the video, and the sight of the hot air balloon in the morning. I feel weird sometimes to just go to places alone, but this video assured me that it’s OK!

  11. Chris

    This video is beautiful. It took quite a while to be comfortable while being alone. I was severely codependent years ago, and it still creeps up on me now and again.

  12. Christina

    hi friend,
    this made me smile.
    and the view is just beautiful.
    hope it wasn’t too late, to join in on the break, on saturday : )

  13. vivienne

    so glad you love the video too and are sharing it!

  14. Sarah

    That was wonderful..what I needed to see today..being ok with being!!
    Is there a list somewhere of who is doing the August break hon…just curious! Am loving this!
    Hugs, Sarah

  15. susannah

    it’s here, love:

    or click the badge in the sidebar over there —–>


  16. Melanie Tinken

    That’s amazing! I love Bath, it’s one of my favourite places I’ve been.

  17. shelly

    hey there this is great awesome treat while I drink my morning coffee blend

  18. bella c.

    that… was beautiful. and that is how i do it -all alone- i dance like nobody’s watching. xo

  19. Sarah

    Thank ya hon:)

  20. donna

    Loved this video – thanks so much for sharing!

  21. Francesca

    Words waiting patiently – I love that! Mine seem to be hiding under a rock under an invisibility cloak, so I must be the patient one and wait for them, or perhaps just try to sneak up on them from another angle. xo

  22. rachel

    Love your morning view! Hot air balloons! :) xx

  23. Tricia Gillispie Scott

    what a wonderful morning view! funny thing that i love images of hot air balloons but have never seen one in the sky…maybe i need to seek one out. :)
    thank you for sharing the video. it stole my heart right away.

  24. Cara

    The video is so inspiring…thanks for sharing! Being alone is something I both find comfort in and fear. Depends on the situation, I guess.

  25. Caroline

    That video was amazing! So glad to be on this August break. What a journey!

  26. annalyn

    I just joined the August break, I am excited to be a part of this experiment.

    nice video btw. so simple and yet so inspiring.

  27. Marilyn

    Great video! Loved the picture from your window.

  28. Barb

    Thanks for sharing the video. Loved it!

  29. ellie

    wow – right at the right time for me you posted that video. i needed that a whole lot today. big thank you.

  30. Christen Olivarez

    Absolutely breathtaking, and perfectly timed, as I will be spending the next weekend completely alone, but completely content.

  31. Barbara

    that’s inspiring but I hate the fact i’m alone and i’m not dating anyone. I’m that kind of person who need to be loved, you know

  32. aizkim

    wow, this is a view from your window? I would love to be there right now. it’s just stunning and you capture it so beautifully.

  33. mindy

    awesome. wonderful. and so true.

    i love my alone time. it feeds my soul.

  34. Jude

    Oh my goodness – that is the best AM window view ever, and the video is amazing! I spent eons alone and those were some of the most blissful, blessed times of my life…

  35. Dottie

    Wow, I definitely need a more interesting living room window!

  36. Emmy van Swaaij

    this is beautiful thank you so much for sharing this!

  37. rose

    i just watched this video with tears rolling down my cheeks, but in a happy way. funny how blogland sends you unexpectedly perfect moments.x

  38. barbraziemer


  39. red or gray

    that video just made me tear up..i relish that when it happens, thanks for sharing.

  40. kelly

    Thanks Susannah – this is AMAZING. What a talent and what a great reminder. x

  41. Marisa and Creative Thursday

    wow. that was one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. sentiment, photography, animation, music and all. about to paint the wobble.

  42. Jen Z

    Although I wish I’d seen that video ten years ago, I’m really happy to have seen it now, years after navigating my way through a lonely patch. Beautiful, comforting, and uplifting video, everyone should see. Thanks for sharing.

  43. SooZeQue

    This is so healing and beautiful. This will save someone’s life. Very powerful!

  44. jenn r

    love, love, love every bit of this post…and the video! ahhhh…

  45. Turid

    This is so inspirational, it could easily become life changing.

  46. Shell

    A truly wondrous video. As someone who loves spending time alone, i applaud anyone who champions this and how important it is to feel good in your own company.

  47. Fil San Jose

    Thank you so much for posting this video. it has inspired me, and now I am going to post this on my facebook to show some friends that think it is not ok to be alone.

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