Eat Pray Wobble

Guess who’s already been immortalised in paint? Thank you auntie Marisa for capturing the cuteness of our little man and his favourite monkey :)
And Wobble’s first time at the beach! Tiny sandy toes!
[photo by his very proud Nana]

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  1. Jasmine

    That painting is so sweet!

    I always want to gobble little toes!

  2. shinyyoga

    first the title.. then the pic of sandy tootsies.
    be still my heart!
    beautiful x

  3. melissa Piccola

    Oh I just love baby feet…I just want to chew on their little toes.

  4. DawnS

    OMG…that painting is just so adorable! How cool :)

  5. The Lady Prism

    * PrEcIouS! *

  6. kelly

    Adorable painting – Marisa did an amazing job of capturing the joy – the painting makes me smile as much as the weekly wobbles do.

  7. Caroline

    Omigosh…that painting is adorable!!!

  8. Jill Kane

    oh my gosh, LOVE the painting – so sweet :)

  9. annalyn

    Oh! that monkey and wobble is so cute, perfect for kiddie notebook :)

  10. Charlane Killough Griffith

    so sweet – first beach. did he like it? both of my nieces cried because they didn’t like the sand sticking to them

  11. CoffeeJitters (Judy Haley)

    LOVE the painting!

  12. Denise

    that portrait just tickles me! :D so cute!

  13. deb taylor

    prwecious little sandy toes! LOVE it so much I want to gobble him all up!

  14. Denise Levy

    Cutest painting ever. :)

  15. Studio MME

    I wish I’d had you as an auntie so that I could be immortalized by a painter as well! Adorable little toes.

  16. Ella

    My son has that very same monkey! We have had a modest attemp at recreating Marisa’s painting, please take a look:

    Your photos of your nephew are beautiful.

  17. susannah

    ohh, i love it!!

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