In case I was being too subtle…

… this little man has completely stolen my heart. The blog’s turned into Wobblepalooza lately, eh? I will try to rein it in for the rest of the week ;)

For the August break [photo by his mummy]

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  1. Emma

    Beautiful photo of you, Susannah!
    And the little Wobble is just gorgeous :)

  2. victoria

    This is a wonderful photo — so clear that you are in love with the boy. You look so happy and at peace.

  3. Jude

    It’s lovely to see how happy you are with him. (And that talented photography gene runs in the family!)

  4. Mary-- The Yellow Door Paperie

    He is such a sweety, why wouldn’t it be wobbleplooza?!

  5. Liz C.

    Don’t stop!:) I love the little Wobble – reminds me of my own sweet nephews I see too little of…

  6. Sam

    What a gorgeous photo of you both!

  7. Whitney

    Wobble brings never ending smiles and I’m grateful you’ve shared that! He’s adorable!

  8. Marilyn

    He looks like a little sweetie.

  9. doorways traveler

    oooh. aaaaw. so gorgeous.

  10. Charlane Killough Griffith

    gorgeous auntie shot

  11. Alicia

    You look amazing here. Wobble seems to have a “just stepped out of the spa” effect on you.

  12. Emma Bradshaw

    gorgeous photo sus x

  13. Barbara

    he’s a sweetie!! makes me wanna kiss him!!!

  14. Diane Whiddon

    Love it. Keep it up and we’ll all fall for him that hard, too. :)

  15. Lily

    You are the most gorgeous aunt ever – love this photo! And I can’t wait to get my own photo with you at Squam. I can’t believe it’s so soon and I’m so excited to meet you in person after sharing such a special Unravelling journey last year.

  16. Marisa and Creative Thursday

    I don’t think subtle is really your style. That is a gorgeous pic!!

  17. Christianne

    You are so beautiful in this photo. Well, you’re beautiful always … this photo just captures an essence of you that is so, so true.

  18. susannah

    exactly ;-)

  19. Melissa Buchanan

    Well the kid is certainly adorable, but check out his hot Aunt!’
    :) x

  20. Kathy

    Oh my, my what an absolutley beautiful photo.

  21. nathalie

    blue love :) i want to kiss his little cheeks :)

  22. Ashley

    What a beautiful photo! You look amazing and he is, of course, so adorable!

  23. Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

    Gosh, you look gorgeous!

  24. Jan's camera

    Beautiful photo. Lucky you and lucky Noah.

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