The August break begins

A lovely lunch yesterday with fellow tweeters-bloggers-August breakers-pals: Jo, Mel and Tor. Plus Evie and Dharma, who treated us to an impromptu concert in Wagamama using chopsticks and spoons. aDORable.

For the August break

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  1. Baraginie

    Sooooooooo excited to be part of it! What a lovely way to start the month, thank you so much for sharing your month with us!

  2. Corinne Bowen

    Yay! August break begins! I lived in London in 2002 and I loved Wagamama:) I wish there was one in Baltimore! xo

  3. Jo

    Oh god I totally colour-coordinated with my glasses case!

  4. Amisha

    Hi Susannah,
    I generally read your blog everyday, but for about 10 days I didn’t have a chance. There are some blogs on my daily reading list and yours is one of them. And I was waiting for today to catch up. And I come back and find the August break!!!

    Can I tell you that it was manna from heaven? I was looking for some sort of community activity but not take a class. A place where I could share and meet with others. So can I say thank you?

    Also I just bought my first compact macro lens and a picture a day is a great way for me to learn to use it. My first compact macro ever, I am all excited!!!!! Doing a little monkey dance, it is supposed to come on Tuesday.

    And I love the smiley face comment idea, I loved it when you did it a while back. Some times it is hard to get creative with comments. I feel intense guilt when I visit a blog but don’t have the right words to comment with in my head. And I do want to let them know that I was there.


  5. Jayne

    What a sweet face in photo one. :)

  6. Charlane Killough Griffith

    :) a lot of smiles – especially with chopsticks

  7. Bria


  8. Jennifer in SF

    I LOVE Wagamama, but the closest one is in Boston. I’ve even written to them to let them know we need one here on the west coast of the US. My friend that sits next to me at work is from London so we keep threatening to leave for the day to fly to Boston. ;-)

  9. rachel

    :) i like the bottom one. Great start to the August break! :) xx

  10. Rhianne

    I love the feet photo and now I fancy chicken katsu curry, yum :)

  11. Sarah

    Oh I love each shot!! She is darling! Am so loving this..posted one too!! Hugs, Sarah

  12. Jude

    Such sweet photos! I love Wagamama & miss it when I’m in the States.

  13. cathie

    happy to be a part of your challenge to become more aware of my surroundings through my camera lens. what a lovely way to round the corner of summer. thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Beth Schillaci

    Thanks so much for this great idea. It is really helping me to feel re-energized about my personal blog. Happy August.

  15. Rochelle


    Thanks again for implementing this idea Susannah – there is so much excitement “out there” about our August Break. :)

  16. Krista

    Great way to start it off! I cannot wait to see what the rest of the month has in store!

    Happy August Break!

  17. Lis

    What a divine way to start the break! I am seeing this project as my DO LESS, BE MORE silent art retreat! (except I can never be silent!) And someone has my matching blue toe nail polish … so I can pretend I was there! (I know Evie and my Cowgirl would get along fabulously as they both know their own minds :)

    Happy writing! Less than 2 months until Squam – yikes!

    xo Lis

  18. Puna

    I came here via the lovely Christina at soul aperture. What a beautiful blog you have. I love the little girl in the first photo. She looks like just my niece.

  19. Rachel Cotterill

    I love the “August Break” idea – looking forwards to joining in with you :)

  20. kristine

    The innocence of that child melts my heart!

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