The Time Traveler’s Wobble

It’s almost too much, isn’t it? I had to sit down after I first saw these
[shot by his very talented nana]

* * * * *
Registration will be back open again at 4pm (BST) this afternoon (and apologies to everyone on my mailing list who had ‘GMT’ instead of ‘BST’ in their email yesterday – i am an idiot!)

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  1. kath

    I’m thinking that registration opens at 11:00 a.m. our time, does the page change somehow when you are open for business? I so don’t want to miss this opportunity!

  2. susannah

    Hi Kath, yes, the page will be updated with the registration form :)

  3. kath


  4. kath

    What am I doing wrong? I can’t get it to change. I’ve refreshed and gone in a couple of times … :-(

  5. kath

    ignore my angst! I did it for Margie and me! YAY. We are wobbly with happiness!

  6. Angela Vular

    Oh my goodness…these photos are precious!!!

  7. susannah

    YAY! we got there in the end :)

  8. mindy

    absolutely ADORABLE! love love love the tippy hat. and his cheeks!! sooooo totally kissable… yummy!

  9. Relyn

    That second one with the crooked hat – KILLING me!

  10. Brigitte Holst

    Oh my, he will break many hearts!!

  11. kathleen

    totally kissable! love love love the look on his face in the second shot :-) such a little character

  12. Marisa and Creative Thursday

    oh good Lord. you’re killing me {am I going to have create another painting with him in the hat??}

  13. Jill Kane

    Aww, he’s magic, isn’t he? Love that little hat and his coy smile. What a flirt!

  14. victoria

    he’s just delicious, susannah. what a beautiful little one.

  15. alison

    garghhhhh!!! chomp!chomp!chomp! deliciously killing! what a babe!

  16. Jayne

    That is one little cutie! :)

  17. Stacy

    That first one is priceless and fabulous.

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