A match made in heaven

I am falling in love with this city. Everything is taking my breath away and yet it feels so normal to be here, as if i’ve been here before. I am walking walking walking everywhere and snapping away as I go. My SX-70 camera is in heaven, and is proving to be the ultimate conversation starter (no surprise there – it even worked its magic in Marrakesh). I’m returning to the hotel by 8pm each evening, exhausted beyond belief, and excited to do it all again the next day. There’s so much i want to share from Squam and my experience of teaching there (so good!) but it will have to wait – i have a hot date with a city…

* Tomorrow night’s meet-up is still happening! If you’re in NYC and would like to say hi to me and my lovely travelling pal, Lisa Field-Elliot, come down to the Ace hotel between 7-9pm. We’ll be in the lobby bar. (FYI: We’ve noticed the music pumping there each night so if we change the venue to somewhere quieter nearby i’ll tweet the deets) x

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  1. Jude

    Gorgeous city and gorgeous you! Your posts are making my inner New Yorker so antsy and nostalgic :)

  2. grace

    Love your photographs Susannah! And in New York no less – I think I’ve got the travel bug again just from looking at this post.. ! great work x

  3. bella

    Love the photos – and love that you are having such an excellent adventure in NYC. xo

  4. lisa

    So glad you are having a great time. That 5th Avenue shot is amazing!!!!!

  5. Catalina

    a lovely city for sure!

    (Last time there I was a teenager….I should come back! have some very good freinds there)

    your “view” is amazing! different and great! thank you and enjoooooooooy!

  6. Maura

    You have had great weather!

  7. margie

    and then you better go home, we have school remember.

  8. Jo Klima

    I cannot wait to get to this city one day <3

  9. Jess

    I can (barely) see my photo in the first picture!!! So glad you made it to the Impossible office! :-)

  10. charlane

    sounds like an amazing time. i would love to wander there alone.

  11. Laurie Matthews

    I fell in love with NYC in the early 90s when I lived there. Had a great internship in the art dept. of a magazine. Spent all my free time exploring art galleries and Central Park. Moved back about ten years later and couldn’t get enough. Now that I’m back on the west coast I try to get my fix at least once a year… unfortunately this year’s trip hasn’t happened yet. May have to make up for that with two in 2011.

  12. Brandy

    i lost a piece of my heart in New York, it’s a love affair that will last forever. i know what you mean about the feeling the familiarity, i think for me it’s because of all the movies, tv shows etc that have had the wonderful NYC backdrop. have fun!

  13. Kathryn

    lovely photos :)

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