Day one 2.0

hello      <———- tiny hello

I just realised that yesterday was the two year anniversary of my move to Bath. I didn’t think I’d last that long here, what with London sending out her tractor beam to pull me back in, but here i still am, and i’m glad. While i compete in the Writing Olympics it makes sense to be in this cosy place that held me during my latest evolution; i hadn’t seen that before, but luckily the universe had my back when it convinced me to postpone the move.

I’m looking at Bath with new eyes and I like what I see. It’s home… for now.

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  1. Rosie

    Tiny “Hello” back!
    Bath seems to have a lot to offer ;-)) I would definitely visit the café! Do they always park the VW there for colour effects? ;-)

  2. susannah

    :) i really wanted to drive off in it!

  3. Lisa

    I always think that if somewhere feels like home, it’s the best place you can be. I am very happy for you.

  4. kerin rose

    check out the photo on my ‘farewell’ post on my old blog!:)

    your first photo made me ‘guffaw!”

  5. Clare B

    I love Bath, it was one of my favourite cities in the UK. So lucky to be able to be able to make it home.

  6. Lindsay

    Welcome back! And by the way, I used to have a VW van exactly like that. You made my afternoon.

  7. Angela

    I love Bath. Looking forward to going there in a few days. I think they have knocked a few things down since I was last there so I hope I don’t get lost!

  8. Barbara

    that place looks quite beautiful :)

  9. Jude

    I love this, perfectly expressed the feel of settling down for now, knowing there might be more on the horizon (and lovely pix!)

  10. jess

    Bath looks like a lovely place to me. I especially love the first shot. :-)

  11. Michelle

    I was in Bath for about half a day in my last year of high school. I don’t remember much about it, just that I really really wanted to stay.

    These look lovely. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to return sometime and see for myself again :)

  12. Michelle

    I was like “she’s in the Winter Olympics? what the flip?”

    yes, less haste more read me thinks.

  13. Melissa Buchanan

    photo heaven
    *love* the boy mannequins. :)

  14. susannah


  15. Maria-Louisa

    Bath is one of my “must see” on my to do list. Heard so many great thing about this city, air balloons and stuff. For me London is so busy, but a great weekend destination it is and then home to slower Edinburgh.
    Happy to hear that you are looking at your home town with new eyes. I would love to see some images of these air balloons..if it is true what I have been told?

  16. Maria-Louisa

    Ps: Love the VW. We rented one in June and drove around in north Scotland. I wish I owned one…but who dosen’t?

  17. susannah

    i see the balloons from my window:


  18. grace

    Susannah I love your photographs! Who needs busy London when you have a place like Bath – it seems quirky, warm and a little bit cheeky, what a great place to live!

  19. Polly

    I’m in Bloombsbury, in London, right now and I with I was in Bath! It’s my favourite English city and I always hoped that one day I’d be able to move there… lucky you! I hope it’s serving your writing mojo well

  20. Mary Beth

    The last picture with the soaring windows reflecting the sun is beautiful. It says hope and joy to me. Thank you for seeing it and taking its picture to share. I’m in Dallas, Texas and the store fronts here have never caught my attention like the storefronts you have captured. The red and black shiny paint says life as does the matte green and red colors of the geraniums. Beautiful! and the whimsy of the circus lion – what fun! I will open my eyes to look for and notice what is around me. Thanks!

  21. Marji

    Lovely Bath… It looks like a nice place for writing inspiration. London can wait, it will always be there for you. =)

  22. Tracey

    A place that has you feeling that lovely sense of home is a precious thing indeed … those photos are stunning and perfectly capture the life and beauty of the place! :)

  23. honora

    aw. I love Bath. My sister and her bubs live in Freshford. One of my most favorite places to visit in the whole wide world.

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