Just can’t get enough

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  1. Katy Potaty

    Thanks so much for your sweet blog, I feel like most of the inspiration that I get towards making life remarkable comes from gorgeous blogs just like yours!

  2. Jude

    Haha, maybe you’ll leave your heart in NYC too! (love Pastis :))

  3. Kathryn


  4. kerin rose

    mebbe you need to move here instead of London for a tad?…oh, how we would all love to have you stateside!

    ( except of course, there is your Mr. Wobble! )

  5. Neil

    How do the chips compare?

  6. Charlane Killough Griffith

    mmmmmmmmmm burgers and friends. is there a better way to laugh together?

  7. Wayfaring Wanderer

    Okay, those french fries are killing me! I want soooooooooooooome :D


  8. Francesca

    So I guess the sneakers haven’t been shedded yet…
    beautiful pictures, as always

  9. victoria

    That must be Bindu in middle of shadow shot, right? Love that hair!

  10. Jess


  11. Laurie Matthews

    Pastis is my favorite place – reminds me of rainy fall evenings in the city.

  12. hydee ann

    all those blues and greys in the first photos were fabulous! what a nice palette.

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