Squam: day one

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  1. Jude

    This was like yday’s post, made me nostalgic and want to visit Boston (was at university there long ago – your photos looked so familiar :))

  2. Diana

    I see my very good friend’s dress and shoes! I’m soooo jealous and want to be there with you all. Have a wonderful time!

  3. jane

    well that feirce hand holding photo made me teary eyed…

  4. Ros

    Everyone is wearing such practical shoes. Love it!

  5. kerin rose

    oh….I so so so wanted to go…and meet you!…:)…perhaps in the spring! enjoy!

  6. xanthe

    enjoy! hope you’re feeling better x.

  7. Annie

    all of us who cant be there but wish we were- let’s bring a little bit of squam into our own weekends. share a moment with a dear friend. create a little something. sit in a rocking chair. drink a cup of tea. put on jeans and boots and scarves and hold hands- even if it is with yourself. thanks so much susannah for letting us in to share in this experience.

  8. catie

    that first photo
    absolutely stole
    my heart!

    stunningly beautiful.

  9. amy

    everybody looks ready for adventure. have a wonderful time!

  10. Colette

    Waving hi to all my Unravelling buds who are there!

  11. Angela Vular

    Oh…. looks so beautiful there! I have always wanted to go to New England….maybe next year. Have a great time!

  12. Lis

    yes, the love there was that fierce and inspiring.

    thank you Susannah for a magical time … i feel so blessed to have been in your first class at Squam and now to see your experience of the weekend through your eyes.

    (and thank you Boden for my dress that got me in a Susannah Conway photo!)
    xo Lis

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