Squam: day three

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  1. stacy

    I’d recognize those luscious tata’s in that bottom photo anywhere… nyc is calling you. wishing i was meeting you there. can’t wait to see your ny pola’s. xo

  2. amy

    wow, so beautiful.

  3. grace

    The first photograph of the clouds is absolutely stunning! and the polaroids are lovely :)
    Such a great blog as always x

  4. samos

    Lovin’ these shots!

  5. lauren martin gauthier

    wow….so much beauty it renders me speechless.

  6. xanthe

    looks idyllic. wow.

  7. Rainey

    Oh how I wish to be there. Next year. Until then The Journal is keeping me company. Thank you and all the other contributors for such a wonderful piece of that paradise.

  8. jane

    God – they are beautiful photos….takes a beautiful heart to see things in that way

  9. Elizabeth

    that sky! all of them really .. but oh, that sky.

  10. hydee ann

    i love the way you see things! wish i were there, too. a spot in your class next year will have to do.

  11. Michelle

    THis might be a crazy thing to comment on but I absolutely adore the curtains in the middle shot! Looks like you are having a great time.

  12. margie

    ah, images. lovely.

  13. Jude

    Sighing over first two photos, so admiring the Polaroid skill in the last…

  14. Lili

    LOVE the look of those polaroids! can’t wait to see the actual scanned in versions. although, the snapshot you took of your pile is in such cozy lighting that I love them so much already!

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